1 Simple Way to Shape Your Space

Before it Shapes You

Shape Your Space1 simple way to shape your space, it just takes a little time and less than $25.  You are a product of your environment. If you don’t like where your life is then change your environment and your life will change.

I know that I must sound like a broken record but you are influenced by your space/environment. So I want to share just 1 simple way to change it.  I will probably take a few hours and less than $25.

Color has a huge influence on how we feel.  White has been the one color used in most homes for as long as I can remember.  OOPS!  in the past few years people have moved to neutrals like beige and grey.  Not really much difference but I would choose these over white.  The color white reflects and offers nothing in terms of energy.  It’s like looking into a light bulb.  Beige and grey have a bit of color so they are better but not by much.

So this is what I suggest.  Pick one room. I suggest the bedroom because you spend the most time there.  Pick one wall and paint it!  It will just take a few hours and less than $25  but it will change your life.  Because it’s the bedroom I suggest blues because they are calming and encourage communication of all kinds!  So you could be adding some fun into your bedroom too.  WooHoo!

If you want some help in learning about color and how to pick colors check out my  interior design and feng shui DVD’s  Volumes 3 and for cover colors.  When your done your friends will think your had and interior designer do it for you.

Of you can check out the Feng Cure #90 where I explain the principles of color.  Either way pick some color and energize your life!