Stop Spending all Your Money!

Sending all your moneyAre  you spending all of your money?  I hear this all time,  members who at the end of the month have more bills than money.  I received this question:

When you open my front door there is a big glass sliding doors that lead out onto balcony as you can see outside from the front door

If you find that you are spending more than you make then the ailment listed above is the feng shui problem.  This is a persistent ailment and the more cures you apply the more money you will keep.  You can get all the cures, step by step instructions for this ailment.  It’s Cure #24 from my Feng Shui e-Course and you can get the single cure for $5.97 or you can get the entire volume 3 Setting the Foundation for a Successful life for $65.67 or the best solution for your life is the entire Feng Shui e-Course for $147.00.

I have a quick video that shows the problem and one cure.  Here is the link check it out: