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Expand Your Career with Feng Shui

If your focus is on expanding your career Feng Shui can help you expand your career energy.  To do this your will take a good look at your office space environment.  This is where you spend most of your time when you are focusing on your career so you will want to create an energy there that will work on your own energy field for expansion.   Here are a few Feng Shui tips you can use to ensure your office is working for you.

Expand Your Resources

The first thing you must assess when working on expansion is what resources do I already have and how can I expand them?  Take a look around your office or desk and start making an assessment.   This is not the time to get discouraged.  Get creative in your thinking.

Look at your rolodex or card file.  Clean it out.  Get rid of those who are a weight on your desk and begin looking for more recourses to add.

If you don't have a rolodex what about a pencil cup.  These are resources.  Most likely you can't do your job without a pen or pencil.  Get rid of the pens that don't write or skip and begin adding new resources to your cup.  Each time you do acknowledge the growth.

Now take a look at the pictures you have in your office.  Who is your career idol?  Keep a picture of this person in your office where you can see if from your desk.

Expanding your resources does not mean adding clutter to your desk.  This will mottle things up so be careful when adding to ensure that the recourse you are adding is truly expanding your career.

What kind of reading material do you have in your office?  What about trade magazines?  Don't clutter you office with them but keep at least a few to bring in the expansion energy.

If your desk is cluttered with unfinished work get it done and off your desk.  There is no room for expansion on a cluttered desk.

If you have the financial resources make an investment in a new and bigger desk.  This will help you make room for a bigger career.

These are just a few tips to help you on your way with Feng Shui. For more detailed Feng Shui cures and enhancements check out the books below.

Specific Feng Shui Cures for Growing Your Career, Your Business and Your Money

Feng Shui wholeness cures feng shui office

The Wholeness Formula
Jump Start Your Pathway to Wholeness
Using 3 Feng Shui Wholeness Cures

For you to have peace in your life you must have everything you need to create peacefulness.  Your life must be whole. 

 Imagine driving down the road with a flat tire.  You can get where you want to go, but with a flat tire it can be difficult, so you stop and fix the tire.

 Creating a whole life is like stopping to fix the tire.  You would not think about driving with a flat tire, so why would you live a life that is not whole?

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 Price $24.95   Click Here To Buy Now!



Volume 8
Home Office Feng Shui
Success Can Be Yours

Includes 11 Cures

 Did you know improving your work can also improve your play?

There is much you can do to improve your business   management, whether you have a home office   in your profession or simply manage the affairs of your house.

The position of your desk, your chair, and your telephone contributes energy  . Even the position of each item on your desk has energy. You can improve your financial matters significantly and add ease and pleasure to your work by applying principles of feng shui to your workplace.

Creativity, follow-through and even your enthusiasm for your work are all addressed in the following cures.

E-book Price Cures 88-98 at $3.97 Each
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Volume 9
Feng Shui BaGua
Create the Life
You Dream of Living

Includes 3 of the Most Important Cures for Making Money

The eight-sided feng shui bagua   is the basic map for locations of energy   by type. Do you want to know what part of your home holds the prosperity energy? Refer to the bagua. If you’re always at the office and never have time for your family, take your energy map—the bagua—to the office and use it to help you track down what is in the family and children  corners of your office (possibly piles of work!).

In addition to learning  to maximize these eight energy areas in your home, you will also learn how to magnify those energy fields using talismans combined with affirmations.

Consistent attention to using the bagua on your property, in your home, and each room of your home will help you create the life of your dreams.

E-book Price Cures 99-101
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Free Feng Shui  Tips
Fill in your name, email and zip code to receive our FREE Feng Shui Tips.  

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