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Feng Shui Color
The Multiple Meanings 
of Feng Shui Color

The ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui has been in practice for over 4000 years. It is a belief in using colors, the placement of objects, and creating a flow of positive chi to enhance a person’s environment for the best results of balance and harmony. Colors are incredibly important in this practice and each one represents different aspects of nature. The correct placing of these colors in the correct area of a home is instrumental in creating the right balance for success, happiness, and serenity. Using Feng Shui color can revitalize the chi in a home or office and help the occupants find a deeper level of peace.
The Feng Shui colors can also be broken down into categories of yin or yang colors. Yin colors are considered to be more relaxing and promote healing of the body, mind, and spirit. These colors are useful to use in bedrooms and nurseries. Blue is a yin color. It is thought to be soothing and restful. For example, when you picture the ocean, you see a picture of serene, calm water. The spirit can’t help but feel at peace. Blue is also useful in a room where someone is ill or recovering from illness or surgery. In Feng Shui, blue is also associated with intelligence and an explorative nature.
There are other Feng Shui colors that fall into the yin category as well. Black is considered to be excellent for careers. t is the color of money and is especially useful when used with a metallic color too. Black also symbolizes power and emotional protection. Another color in this Feng Shui family is purple. It is similar to blue in that it is considered beneficial in aiding healing. In the Feng Shui practice, purple is associated with an immense awareness of the spirit. White is yet another yin color in the Feng Shui tradition. It symbolizes purity and confidence.
Of course on the other side of the spectrum is the yang colors. These Feng Shui colors are considered to be a little more vibrant than the yin colors and compliment their yin partners perfectly. Red is the most obvious of the yang colors. It is excellent for creating emotional excitement. Red is also incredibly invigorating and for that reason should be used carefully to avoid over stimulating the mind and spirit. When used correctly, red has the ability to add energy to an environment. Yellow is a Feng Shui color that is similar to red in its influence. It is a symbol of sunshine and is thought to promote warmth and friendliness. This is another
color that should be used carefully as too much yellow can cause anxiety. For those lacking in organizational skills, orange may be just what is needed to accent an office or working area of a home. It is the color of organization and imparts a strong sense of purpose. People in creative fields, like art and literary endeavors, find orange especially useful in getting their creative chi flowing. Some of the other yang colors include mauve, maroon, and gold. Each has significance in luck, money, or romance.
One of the most beneficial ways to use Feng Shui color in your home, office, and life is in combination. It has already been mentioned that the combination of black and a metallic color is helpful in promoting a strong career. Other color combinations are useful in encouraging other aspects of life. White, when used with gold or silver, creates an atmosphere of confidence with the energizing influence of the metal color. This combination used lightly in a living room or area where the entire family gathers would be helpful in promoting a positive atmosphere. Tan and beige are yang colors that placed in the home in combination with other yang colors are excellent for balancing the chi in the bedrooms, office, or the whole home. Lavender is also a good color for achieving this environment. The key to using the Feng Shui color practice is to remember that this philosophy is based on the concept of balance. It isn’t necessary to use any of these colors or color combinations in excess.
Using the Feng Shui color practice to enhance your home and life will prove to be incredibly beneficial. The serenity and positive energy flow can easily begin to make a difference in a person’s life almost without their awareness. The study of color use in Feng Shui is a fascinating aspect of this ancient Chinese philosophy and, with proper use, is a amazing benefit to a person’s spiritual awareness.

Specific Feng Shui Cures Using Color to Increase Your Money, Love, Health and More

Feng Shui wholeness cures feng shui color

The Wholeness Formula
Jump Start Your Pathway to Wholeness, Peace and Happiness
Using 3 Feng Shui Wholeness Cures

For you to have peace in your life you must have everything you need to create peacefulness.  Your life must be whole. 

 Imagine driving down the road with a flat tire.  You can get where you want to go, but with a flat tire it can be difficult, so you stop and fix the tire.

 Creating a whole life is like stopping to fix the tire.  You would not think about driving with a flat tire, so why would you live a life that is not whole?

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Volume 4
Creating a Great Life for Yourself
Feng Shui Room by Room

Includes 18 Cures

Until now, we’ve been addressing your whole life, safety and reputation. Now we’ll begin to zero in on particular aspects of your life, going room-by-room to make your life more harmonious and flowing.

Some ailments are generic to every room of your home. We will cover these in this section of the course. They will include the element of family, how to treat angled walls that have become so popular in architecture, the cause of arguments and the use of color   to name a few.

What about the location and operation of the bathroom? Do those banging doors  bother you—in more ways than one? What about the fireplace ?

For the most part, “room cures” are treatments that can improve the effect of any room on you, not just specific rooms, such as the kitchen   and bedrooms, which we’ll get to later.

        There was your whole property….

                Then your whole house…

                        Then your home’s interior as a whole….

…And now the rooms. 

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Volume 9
Feng Shui BaGua
Create the Life
You Dream of Living

Includes 3 of the Most Important Cures for Making Money

The eight-sided feng shui bagua   is the basic map for locations of energy   by type. Do you want to know what part of your home holds the prosperity energy? Refer to the bagua. If you’re always at the office and never have time for your family, take your energy map—the bagua—to the office and use it to help you track down what is in the family and children  corners of your office (possibly piles of work!).

In addition to learning  to maximize these eight energy areas in your home, you will also learn how to magnify those energy fields using talismans combined with affirmations.

Consistent attention to using the bagua on your property, in your home, and each room of your home will help you create the life of your dreams.

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