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This feng shui secret has been used for centuries by the privileged, elite and  select few and hidden from the masses.  The rulers and wealthy have known about it and used it for power and to command and control the wealth of the world.

The Secret to Feng Shui is hidden in subtle energy.  The subtle energy of placement.  Where you place yourself in life will determine the success of your finances, relationships and happiness.

 The subtle energy secret of feng shui is mostly ignored by the masses because it has not been taught in the education system.  If you are looking for the secret key to what the rich and powerful are using then it is time that you become educated and take advantage of this feng shui secret.

Who’s using this Feng Shui Secret?

You can look through history and see that this feng shui secret has been used by many ancient cultures.  The alignment of the pyramids with Orion's belt was not by accident. Look at the geometric layout of the Vatican and you can see it.   Even Napoleon used these secrets in France.  Our own US government used it in the layout of Washington, DC.

Newspapers, magazines and television shows have reported the use of this feng shui secret by Donald Trump, Ruppert Murdock, Oprah Winfrey, News Corp., Coco-Cola, Proctor & Gamble, Hewlett-Packard and Ford Motors

The Unseen Forces

The Feng Shui secret is about the unseen forces of energy or what I earlier called subtle energy. Wind is an excellent example of these unseen forces.  A gentle breeze can cool  and refresh you on a hot summers day but a gale force wind can destroy your home.  

Wind is a more obvious form of this feng shui secret called subtle energy.  The way you think, talk and act are also forms of this subtle energy.  We have all experienced and angry person shaking their finger at us as well as the hug of a loving and caring parent, partner or friend.  These are common examples of subtle energy.

The energy from machines, cars and man made structures have subtle energy and impact us on a daily basis.  Science has proven that the energy from high tension power lines are detrimental to our health.  Common sense that tells us that there is much that science has not proven yet that could be dangerous to our well being.

We have all been to the department of motor vehicles and could not wait to get out of there.  We have all also been to a lovely restaurant where we could spend the most delightful evening never wanting to leave.  This is the feng shui secret.

After assessing all 101 cures and implementing the necessary Feng Shui Cures on Carl's home he had the biggest sales day in his career, a 6 figure day!

   Expert Knowledge

I have spent  better part of 28 years studying the secret of feng shui and subtle energy. Some of my studies can from esoteric books but most of the knowledge that I carry with me came from the oral tradition where you must experience your training and earn your knowledge.  Today I live it on a daily basis. 

Until I produced this course most of this information was not available to the public.  This is a hands on course where you must do the work to obtain the results.  This is truly the only way for true knowledge is self taught, you must experience it to really understand it.

If you in fact desire to create a future life that is void of stress and filled with joy and abundance then this course will show you the way.

 Check out the 20 Minute Feng Shui Course. If you have 20 Minutes a day to dedicate to your joy and happiness and fulfillment and financial success then the 20 Minute Feng Shui Course will work  in your life! 

ou have everything to gain and nothing to lose.  So get started now! 

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Candace Czarny,  CFM, LEED AP, ASID
Feng Shui Expert
Wind & Water, Inc.

Candace Czarny Feng Shui Expert





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Free Feng Shui  Tips
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