Psychological Benefits of Feng Shui

Benefits of Feng ShuiThe many benefits of Feng Shui have long been acknowledged. But did you know that Feng Shui can also be beneficial to your mental health and well-being?

Feng Shui is a philosophy strongly based in Chinese history that promotes the act of balancing the five natural elements within your home environment in order to harmonize and energize your living space. The five elements balanced within Feng Shui are  fire, wood, metal, earth, and water. Including all five elements in your home décor in some way is one of the ways to achieve the balance required by Feng Shui, focusing on different elements depending on your current lifestyle, mental health frame of mind, and mood.

Here are just some of the psychological benefits of Feng Shui, and how you can achieve them simply by thinking carefully about the placement of the most important objects around your home.

Focus on Water Elements

Water elements have long been acknowledged to be beneficial in improving communication, both with your family and with those around you. Keeping the lines of communication clear and open is key for psychological well-being, preventing poor mental health from developing, and enabling any negative mental health behaviors to be recognized and treated as soon as possible.

Talking through your issues and sharing your thoughts with your loved ones is key for positive mental health. You can choose to do this in many different ways: by hosting regular face to face family meetings, writing letters, or even writing your thoughts and feelings in a communal journal.

There are many ways you can increase the presence of the water elements within your home, but some of the best ways to do this is to purchase either a feng shui fountain or a fish tank. The sound of constant trickling water from a fountain or small water feature can be incredibly relaxing, as can watching fish swimming too and fro: this provides a great opportunity to practice mindfulness and really be present in the room, focusing on what you can see, hear, and feel.

Bring Stability To Your Home With Earth Elements

One of the foundations of positive mental health is stability. Earth elements are well known for their stabilizing properties and can help to build and maintain relationships whilst also anchoring you comfortably in the world around you.  Adding earth elements into the center of your home, or into the room that you use as the center of your living environment (for most people this is their living room) will help you to position stability and positive mental health at the center of your priorities.

You can bring earth elements into your home in many different ways. A great place to start is to choose earth tones (such as red, brown, yellow and terracotta) when you are making decorating decisions. You should also choose clay or ceramic decorative pieces, or chose pictures or paintings of natural outdoor spaces, and allow these to become the central focus point of your earth-based room.

Feel Safe and Positive in Your Home Environment

Your home should be your haven: a safe space where you feel the stresses of the day wash away from you as soon as you open your front door. Stress and anxiety are the most commonly experienced mental health issue, with the American Psychological Association suggesting that reported stress levels are on the rise, and as many as 77% of Americans regularly experience uncomfortable levels of stress. This stress can lead to other mental health issues including, but not limited to, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. By creating a home environment where stress exits from the front door as you enter, you will find that you are in a much better space of psychological health and well-being, and that your likelihood of struggling with mental health problems will decline.

The best way to keep this peaceful balance in your own home is to ensure you are aware of the balance of the elements, and to change this balance as your unique and specific needs change. The benefits of Feng Shui can help to balance both sides of your mind, and can be an essential ingredient in helping you to find your inner peace.