EMF Balancing With The Neutral Space Plate

Electro Magnetic Field

EMF Electro Magnetic Field

EMF Balancing is simple and easy the with Neutral Space Plate.

Your house wiring creates EMF (electromagnetic field) chaos that affects you, your family, and your pets. The appliances in the house, the wiring itself, and your city’s utility grids combine to create scrambled energies that confuse body and mind. How can you receive the positive reference signals that help you remember your own healthful energy patterns? The Neutral Space Plate can help.

Use duct tape or masking tape to attach your NS Plate inside the metal door of your circuit box. The Plate will not actually connect with the house electricity, and so you are safe when you tape the Plate inside the circuit box. All your house wiring connects to the circuit box in your house, and that is where house transformation begins.

The Plate harmonizes the electrical signals flowing to the circuit box, in the same way that an energy healer can smooth your aura without actually touching your body. Your house feels cleaner, and this cleansing effect even extends to the furniture. The house feels more aligned with present time, and less affected by planetary negativity. Imagine the possibilities for your well-being, your creativity, and your spiritual growth.

Your Immediate Environment:

Place one or more Neutral Space Plates on small picture easels. You can arrange one or more on your desk facing you to create a field of stable energy. If anyone at work asks you about this, tell them you find the copper patterns calming to look at. You don’t have to explain about subtle energy, unless the inquirer seems ready to hear about energy concepts.

Usage Hint: When you gaze at the Plate on the easel, gently sweep your gaze around the Plate, letting your gaze sweep through the various geometric antennas. Do this slowly, gently, and mindfully. This balances your mind, and helps you release mental constriction so you can create creative solutions to transform your life.

Personal EMF cleansing with the Neutral Space Plate:

Sit on the Plate, or place it under your feet to stabilize and harmonize your energy. This is particularly useful:
– after work,
– before bed,
– whenever you need centering.

Emotional EMF balancing:

Place your Neutral Space Plate on your solar plexus. It works through clothing. Hold it there for several minutes, or as long as needed to stabilize and smooth your chaotic energy.

Balancing chaos with the finger positions:
Although all the finger positions help align your energy, these positions are particularly effective at bringing you to center amidst chaos:
– Figure 5, Self-Identity Clarifier — Brings you to center.
– Figure 11, Joyous Release — Drains chaos quickly.
– Figure 15, The Soothing Zone — Melts tension easily.

If you want to balance every meridian in your body quickly, just hold the Plate between your palms for several minutes. Breathe slowly and deeply, and let the body tension flow into the Plate. Let the Plate smooth the tension, and then let the smooth energy re-circulate back into your body.

The Cleansing Sweep:

Hold your Neutral Space Plate in one hand, and gently sweep through your entire body, as if the Plate were a broom. Imagine moving the Plate through your body. Sweep from the shoulders downward, and out of the hands. Sweep from the hips down the legs and out of the feet. Then, sweep universal energy through your hands, and into your body. Sweep healing earth energy into your feet, and into your body. Repeat as needed. You have swept chaos from your body, and re-aligned with positive universal energy.

The Power Sweep:

Hold your Plate in one hand, and sweep up and down your entire body, sweeping all the way up to the sky, and all the way down to the center of the earth. This powerful cleansing sweep helps you release chaos from the day, and unites your energy centers with themselves, and unites you with universal intelligence. Do this procedure before work, and after work.

Super Power Sweep:  

As you sweep up and down, give yourself positive statements about the way you want your day to be. State your highest intentions for your day as you sweep, and this deeply imprints the positive intentions into you so that they become part of your reality. You may also imagine pictures of your desired day as you sweep the Plate through your body.

The Neutral Space Plate

 The Neutral Space Plate exquisitely tuned harmonic-geometric copper antennas, gently and effectively protect you from unbalanced energies and help you cultivate divine order (the deeper balance energy of the universe).

These are just a few of the things you can do with the Neutral Space plate.

  • Transform stuck energy by Releasing the past,
  • Operate at your highest by Cleansing your Meridians, the subtle-body’s “energy nervous system”:
  • Stabilize your energy in challenging situations
  • Take control of your environment by Re-patterning a room’s energy at home & work
  • Help you align with divine truth
  • Activate your soul’s higher potential
  • Comfortably and elegantly express your soul’s truth in your life
  •  Serve your spiritual needs for clarity, integrity, alignment and truth during our planets rapidly quickening spiritual evolution
emf balancing

Neutral Space Plate

The Neutral-Space Plate

Your Personal Energy Tool for Transformation User Guide

The neutral space plate helps you have direct experiences that activate deeper wisdom.  bypass years of conventional learning with the precision-tuned miracle of cosmic technology.  The Neutral Space Plate helps you access essential qualities in these vibrantly evolving modern times:  Wise Neutrality ~ Present Moment Awareness ~ Personal Truth ~ Universal Truth ~ Clarity ~ Divine Peace ~ & Spiritual Attunement~

The Neutral Space Plate transmutes negative energy-patterns trapped in you energy-body that confine, limit or distort your true self.  As you release the energy distortions, you are freed to align with your essential truth.  You can use the alignment to deepen your meditation, to enhance creativity or as a relaxing way to nurture yourself.

Featuring exquisitely tuned harmonic-geometric copper antennas, the Neutral-Space Plate gently and effectively protects you from unbalanced energies, and helps you cultivate Divine Order (the deeper balanced energy of the universe).  This helps you align with your Devine Truth.  It activates your soul’s higher potential, so that you can comfortably and elegantly express your soul’s truth in your life.  The Neutral-Space Plate is ready to serve your spiritual needs for clarity, integrity, alignment and truth during our plant’s rapidly quickening spiritual evolution.

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