Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

Feng Shui Bedroom TipsCheck out the Feng Shui Bedroom Tips here.  While your bedroom might seem to be a room which is designed just for sleep and other nighttime activities, you spend a lot of time there. If a person is sleeping about 7 hours a night, that is over 2500 hours of sleep each and every year. Though that might not sound like a lot, you might want to remember there are 24 hours in a day, so that adds up to 100 days of sleep each year. This is why using Feng Shui is so important, especially in your bedroom is so important. Feng Shui is about creating an environment that supports and nourishes you and your life’s desires. The environment you create in your home is the environment you create in your life. Happy and prosperous home equals a happy and prosperous life.

Move Your Bed

This feng shui bedroom tip is one of the most important.  The bed is a piece of furniture which should be as comfortable as possible, but also it should be facing the proper direction in the room. The foot of the bed should be facing the door, but the bed should be as far away from the door as possible. From the bed, you should be able to see the door. What this does is allow energy to come into the room, but not to startle you in bed or to surprise you in bed. Also, there is a belief in Feng Shui that since the dead are dragged by their feet to the afterlife that your feet should not be directly in front of the door, where they can be pulled out.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips – Softer Edges Matter

Sharp corners will add up to pointed/poison energy arrows pointing at you whenever you are in the bedroom. Instead of having this sort of energy in your room, try to use rounded edges whenever possible. If there are pointed areas, try to cover these up with flowing fabrics or plant vines or at least point them away from the bed so as not to interrupt your energy when you sleep. In the future, try to purchase items with softer edges and a more gentle overall look to improve the energy in the room.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips – Paint the Walls

Finally, the colors of your home will affect the energy and the colors will affect the way you feel in your bedroom. Try to choose colors that are muted if you want this to be a relaxing room, blues and creams are nice to use. Try adding these colors to the walls of your room to see if this Feng Shui tip helps your mood as well as the quality of your sleep. Blue is a great color for the bedroom because it promotes and enhances all types of communication. Stay away from yellow in the bedroom because it increases thinking and will disrupt sleep.

Your bedroom is a place you take for granted, but when you realize just how much energy is around you and how much of it is found in the bedroom, you can see how Feng Shui can be a great aid to your moods and energy levels.