Feng Shui Consult

feng shui consultation

feng shui consultation

A feng shui consult might be just what you want.  Everything you need for a incredible life is right in front of you and it is already yours.  You really already have everything it takes to be living abundant wealth right now, you just need  the key to unlock these riches.

Let me help you unlock these riches. I have over 15 years of experience in helping others deal with the issues of their lives and helping them create abundant , flowing, prosperity, love, health and more.

Feng Shui consultations are customized to your requirements. I begin the consultation by asking you to identify your goals and objectives. Working from sketches, drawings, pictures and detailed information that you provide, I will direct you in making cures and enhancements to your home or office.

Below are a few options for a  Feng Shui Consultation.  I want you to thoroughly understand Feng Shui so I give you as much information as possible. It is my goal that you are a success in all you desire!

If you want more information about Candace Click here for background information.

If you have more questions about a feng shui consult give us a call at 928 288-2061

Personal Feng Shui Consultation includes:

  • A personal 1 on 1 assessment of your property (approx 2000 sf) that includes an Audio File with Complete Exterior and Interior Assessment with explanations and instructions on applying Cures and my Goals Implementation Instruction valued at $400
  • Life’s Purpose Astrology Assessment valued at $300
  • Interior Design & Feng Shui – Building Blocks for a Beautiful DVD’s 4 volumes valued at $85.97
  • 9 volume 20 Minute Feng Shui e-Course valued at $197.00

Total Value: $982.97

Because I believe in the power of astrology I am going to give you a bonus Life’s Purpose Astrology Assessment.  I am also going to send you the 9 volume 20 Minute Feng Shui e-Course and the Interior Design & Feng Shui – Building Blocks for a Beautiful DVD’s as my gift for you commitment to feng shui.  That makes the cost of a personal consultation only $400.00.  Yes that’s right only $400.00  Click the add to cart button below to place your order.  You will be contacted by my staff with further instructions.

addtocard  Personal Feng Shui consultation:  $449.00