What is my Soul’s Purpose?

Follow Your Souls Purpose
Move Through Life with Grace and Ease

Why Feng Shui?

Astrology is the Feng Shui of the Cosmic Energies. It is the science of the stars and how at your moment of birth your souls purpose and personality were created

Most people have now ideas how they have become who they are or how they have arrived at this place in life.  Understanding your Astrology can assist you understanding who you really are, why you life is the way it is  and what your life’s purpose is.

Here are what a few of my clients have to say about the souls purpose readings.

“I have been into astrology for over 20 years and have had at least 10 charts and readings done. I thought I knew what it was all about. NOT!  …THEN CAME CANDACE! What Candace has done with my chart and reading and the composite with my lover, had the  effect of restoring sight to a blind man. Simply put, it was awesome! Candace absolute clarity about my life’s’ issues and how they jive next to my lover’s was nothing short of astounding. Everything she told us was right on the money! This woman is truly gifted.” Thomas Felix

“Your Astrology consultation was validation for me.  The reading made sense with regard to decisions I have been making prior to this reading .  You were very thorough in explaining the details.  You gave me new insight into how I will move forward.  I would recommend others to you.”      Linda Deir

“The most distinctive difference between your astrological consultation for me was the way you worded your interpretation of my chart. You zeroed in on the situation I was concerned about and although the information was not new to me your method of communicating it changed my view of how I should deal with my issues.   Thank you for your gift.”           Joan Clayton

Astrology consultations designed to identify your souls purpose are available by phone by Candace.   Candace charges $300.   This consultation is recorded via webinar recording for your convenience.  We will require your date, time and place of birth to complete your consultation.

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