Feng Shui Does Not Work!

feng shui does not work

feng shui does not work

If Feng Shui does not work for you,  Read this article

Your are trying to do your Feng Shui by yourself and you have overlooked one or more ailments.
If your problems are serious you should hire a qualified consultant.

You did not complete the cures your consultant recommended. You hired a consultant to complete the Feng Shui on your property.  The consultant gave you a list of cures and rituals to implement. You thought that hiring the consultant was all you had to do to have the Feng Shui completed on your property. You did not think that these cures and rituals were important so you did not complete all of them because:  they took to much time, you did not have the tools to do them, or they were too expensive.
When a Feng Shui consultant recommends a cure to you  it is because there is an ailment in you environment that can be causing you conflict.  If you want the benefits of Feng Shui in your environment it is very important that you follow all of your consultants advise.  If you do not understand the purpose or need for a recommended cure, ASK.

You thought the consultant you hired was really good.  They were recommended by a friend or certified as a Feng Shui consultant.   But this consultant missed identifying some major ailments that need to be cured.  I have been on properties before where a Feng Shui Consultant had already been their and did not solve the problem.  I compare Feng Shui to Open Heart surgery.  If you are going to do it, get the best.  Each property is unique and has different aliments.  Some ailments are much more difficult to identify than others.  It is important to ensure that your consultant has the experience and expertise to deal with the issues that you are experiencing in your life.  The more difficult your life issues are (divorce, health, finances, family) the more experience you want your consultant to have.  Your consultant should know when they are in over their head and need to refer you to someone else.  The most important thing to remember when hiring a consultant is their level of experience and knowledge.  You can schedule a Feng Shui consultation by clicking here

Your goals and objectives are in conflict with your Souls Purpose.  The purpose of Feng Shui is to create a cohesive environment to assist you in fulfilling your purpose. Feng Shui is not a cure all for the chaos you create in your life.  If your life is flowing with your souls purpose, Feng Shui can be very positive for you. If you are fighting the flow of your souls purpose, Feng Shui can ease the pain but it will not remove it.  A happy a peaceful life can be found in knowing and going with the destiny of your souls purpose.   

Astrology is the science of the stars and how at your moment of birth your souls purpose and personality was created. A good astrologer can assist you in finding your souls purpose and Feng Shui can assist in creating the environment for your souls purpose.  Remember that everything that happens to you in life is for your best and highest good.  Click here to schedule a Life Purpose reading: www.artofplacement.com/FengShui/soulpurpose.htm

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