Feng Shui Fountains

Fountains bring the feng shui “Chi” of abundance

feng shui fountain

Feng Shui Fountains

Fountains are a very popular cure in feng shui because they bring the healing and moving energy of a babbeling brook

Feng shui fountains are the most popular feng shui cure because they are so easy to implement. They come in all shapes and sizes and be placed almost anywhere as long as you have an electrical outlet near to power it. They are also very popular because they bring the “chi” energy of abundance to every aspect of your life.

How to choose Fountains as a Feng Shui Cure

When choosing a fountain as a feng shui cure you do not have to be concerned about what it looks like.  Just find one that fits in the area of the home you want to enhance and that makes you smile and enjoy.  There are no specific requirements for the fountain except that you must keep it in good working order.  That means do not let the water run low (making the energy in your life run dry)  and keep the water in the bowl clean.  You don’t want to create dirty money!

Fountains have many benefits in addition to adding “Chi” into your home.  They add the water element of wealth and prosperity and inside they add humidity into your environment.

Feng Shui Fountain Placement

Using a table top fountain you can place a fountain almost anywhere in your home.  Most people start with their prosperity life station.  See the bagua map at this link

All of the life stations work together so If you want to enhance your money also look at the Career and the Reputation life stations.  They take a look at the relationship and the helpful people life stations.

4 Feng Shui Fountain Tips

1.    Something to remember when purchasing a fountain for feng shui.  This purchase is an investment in your life so look for a fountain with a quality pump that is easy to replace.  There are lots of inexpensive fountains where the pump is located in such a way that if there is a problem with the pump you can’t replace it and you end up throwing the fountain away.  This will just discourage you and your feng shui journey.

2.    You can help to keep your feng shui fountain water clear by adding a few drops of tea tree oil.  Just make sure that if you have pets they can’t get to the water.

3.    Another way to add additional “Chi” into your home is to add essential oils to the water.

4.    You can add in programmed crystals too!  Check out this link for programmed crystals