feng shui history

feng shui history

Feng Shui History is amazingly interesting and dates back thousands of years.

The flow of “chi”, or positive life energy, in and through a space is called Feng Shui. It is an ancient Chinese art that believes practitioners, by boosting the levels of chi and allowing it to move freely throughout a space, will be to achieve their personal goals.  To win friends, attract love and increase business, people, for thousands of years have drawn on the basic principles of Feng Shui. The phrase, translated as “wind and water,” embodies these two symbols of natural flow.  In following Feng Shui practices a person tries to create an environment where chi flows as freely and easily as wind or water does in the natural world.

Feng Shui History was initially restricted to masters.  This school of thought known as Feng Shui was, in fact the creation of a spiritual master – a student of both nature and the spiritual realm, over 3,000years ago. He started with appointed basic rules meant to assist in maximizing the positive characteristics of an area by amplifying positive energy.  It was his dream, those many years ago, to construct propitious residences and workplaces. They would, through Feng Shui help the occupants invite good luck and positive fortune while preparing them to make the most of opportunity when it knocks at their door. Today, this vision of Feng Shui is alive and well.

The acceptance and belief in Feng Shui began in China. Here, it quickly became popular, gaining credibility.  Some people began to become skilful experts in the area. They took their knowledge to other parts of the country and, eventually, Feng Shui was received all over the world.


Today, Feng Shui consultants, drawing upon thousands of years of tradition and investigation, provide many homeowners and businesspeople with the information and expertise they need. An expert of Feng Shui is able to change the energy of any type of space or area. Yet, not all the approaches are the same. Over the years, many different schools of Feng Shui have emerged. Each offers its own approach and has its own unique goals and strategies.  As a result, it is now possible to discover a Feng Shui system that correlates to your specific situation.  The increased specialization of Feng Shui ensures interested consumers a chance to incorporate it into their lives with greater ease. As more time passes, the process of evolution of Feng Shui continues. The general practice gains in exactitude producing better results with less work and less expense than ever before.

The art of Feng Shui History has slowly, throughout 3,000 years, been refined by its practitioners into a mathematical science. Today, it is much simpler to apply Feng Shui to an area than in the past.  Clear guidelines have been established allowing even an unranked, untested amateur the ability to successfully apply Feng Shui to a home or office space. It is now feasible to let Feng Shui help you manifest a feeling of equilibrium and harmony in any space of any size. The internet facilitates and disseminates this knowledge through providing Feng Shui guides and information directly to consumers. No longer does it require a consultation with a costly Feng Shui expert before you can start to implement and profit from the conventions of Feng Shui.

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