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Feng Shui Quick Fix Vol 2
Feng Shui Property Protection
Cures 9-15

Most people think of feng shui Quick Fix vol 2 only as a way to decorate the inside of a home. What is overlooked by that view is the huge amount of energy  “energy”  coming at the home from the outside.

We’re affected by traffic on our street; children  “children”  in our neighborhood; developments going in nearby; arguments among city, county, and state politicians; and more!

Our perimeter and approach to our home are our first lines of protection, not only against rodents and creepy crawly things, but also against imbalanced energy  “energy”  from worldwide and even cosmic sources.

Outside forces affect our incomes, our social lives, and often our peace and quiet enjoyment. The cumulative energies of everything and everyone around us—whether people, zoning, or transportation—affect us.

Therefore, the most-important cures occur outside, to mitigate our constant bombardment by energies that are beyond our control, that is, until they reach our property lines!

Western developers, architects and builders rarely consult feng shuibefore laying out a neighborhood; marking off the lots; or siting, designing and building houses. Therefore, most properties need protective cures. Some properties have more problems than others do, but they are all fixable. So, don’t just pack up and move unless you have a life-threatening condition and its fixes require more time and energy “energy”  than you think you have.

If you do have a life-threatening condition, please call me immediately. I cannot guarantee a life-saving cure, but I do take each client’s needs extremely seriously. Many people have engaged me when all seemed lost, and yet most of their despair could be cured with treatments to their surroundings. Please let me hear from you personally.

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#9  Do You Have the Wrong Number?

Everything is energy even the numbers on your address. And these numbers can affect your prosperity, wealth, relationships and health.  This report will show you how to identify the energy that is coloring your home and how to resolve the energy of your address and set it to enhance, empower and energize your life.

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#10 Pushed Out of Place
Do you feel like you never have enough time, or that you are always behind the eight ball? Feeling overwhelmed is common, and so is the domestic malady described below.

Possibly more disturbing is feeling pushed aside when there’s an opportunity. You try hard, everything looks like you’ll reach your goal, and then something happens that knocks you out of the lineup. You’re out of position.

Find out how to hold your own place with this cure.

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#11  Entrance to Your Property
How you and your guests enter your property determines the path “energy”  uses to enter your property. Your path from the street to your front door is very important.

Find out how to create and draw in the life giving “chi” energy with this cure

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#12  Wind Force
Have you had days when you felt agitated all day for no apparent reason? Perhaps you stopped to think about it and wondered whether you’d gotten enough sleep the night before. Maybe one–or a series of small things–irritated you, like a gnat that wouldn’t go away! Someone or something is pecking at you, like a constant knocking on your door.

Find out how to calm the sha of wind force with this cure.

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#13  Step Into the Lime Light?

Do you sometimes feel like you are out of place, like there is not enough room for you or that you can’t be seen? Have you ever asked, “What am I: invisible?” Perhaps your environment is to blame.  This cure will show you how to step out into the lime light

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#14  Who’s Throwing Daggers?

Sha “energy”  is part of our world naturally. It can be found in the shapes of mountains, animal paths, streams and rivers. Buildings and Mountains can have pointed edges that send out sha. A mountain path, a stream or a river will send energy in a specific direction, accumulating sha as it travels. Where animal paths and roads cross, sha is more intense.

Find out how to cure these daggers.

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#15  Is Your Neighbor Influencing Your Success?

Energy travels in and out of your home through your front door and it does the same in your neighbors’ homes.

Is there a house across the street from you? Does it have a door that faces your house? Even a garage door?

If so, there is an “energy”  exchange between your house and theirs at all times. The energy from their home (and all that happens in it) enters into yours. And when their door facing your house is open, as garage “doors”  often are, it is sucking energy like a hungry dragon from you and your household.

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#16  Are You Tipping the Balance?

Does too much of your “energy”  seem to be devoted to one aspect of your life to the exclusion of other important concerns? Are you all-play-and-no-work, or all-work-and-no-play? All “children” -and-no-lover? Always doing important things alone? Is your money disproportionably small to your work effort?

The house placement on a property is very important for creating balanced chi.  To be “in the center of your world” helps balance your life.  Get in the center of your life with this cure.

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#17 Are You Below Grade?
Have you ever heard someone say, “I feel buried!” or “I’m swamped!”? By now you can suspect they are telling the truth, more literally than they realize.

If you’re always trying to “dig your way out” of circumstances, this cure might be for you.

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#18  Soaring Tension?

Do you feel frazzled? Do you always have more to do than is possible to accomplish? Do you feel as if you are on the hot seat or always on edge?

Are there power lines running over your house, across your property, or nearby? High-tension power lines give off extremely disruptive “energy” . Many people have linked them to childhood leukemia. But since we now know even a bedside electric clock affects human energy, a power line, even of normal neighborhood size, can wreak havoc for some people.

Find out how to remove the soaring tension with this cure

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#19  Driveway Shooting

By now you probably realize that cars and other motorized vehicles generate sha, not chi. In our ongoing effort to protect ourselves from a civilized onslaught of sha, we must consider driveways, whether or not they are trafficked.

Does a neighbor’s “driveway”  point at your property? Step outside, and walk around your lot. Whether it’s a driveway from across the street, or from across the alley, if it lines up toward your property, do this cure.

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 #20  Looming Powers

Is it difficult for you to get ahead? Do you have trouble being heard and respected at work? Do you have a sinking feeling of being “one down” in the world—or at home? If your property is over-shadowed by bigger, taller structures or mountains, you will feel overpowered in life.

Look around your property. Who–or what–is towering over you? Are there skyscrapers, towers, mountains, trees? It doesn’t matter what it is. If your home is overshadowed by something, so will be your life. You will feel overpowered. It will be difficult to prosper.

Find the cure for this ailment here.

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#21  Who’s Watching Your Back?

Do you feel unsupported in life? Do you feel alone, like no one is watching your back? Do things seem to come at you or attack you out of nowhere?

Find out how to create this support system and cover your back with this cure.

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#22  Who’s Stealing Your Money?

Does a river—or road—come by your house and then bend away, carrying all of your “energy”  and money with it? Maybe you didn’t know that’s where your desired  “wealth”  was going, so this is a good time to check!

If you live in a home that has a river or road that heads toward your house and bends away (a wide “U” shape), you’re in trouble! As it passes, its  “energy”  will gather your money and energy and carry it along with it.  This cure will show you how to hold on to what you have.

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#23  Flyover Attack

Energy comes from all directions. Often we look for things around us, but sha can also come from above. Just as thunder can shake our environment and create sha, airplanes also create sha  “energy” .

If you’re in a flight path, or under an overhead tram or train, this cure’s for you.

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