Setting the Foundation for Your Successful Life
Feng Shui Quick Fix Vol 3
Your Foundation and How You are Perceived

Includes Cures 24-34

Most people think a person’s house says something about them. What is their social status? Are there clues as to what they do for a living? Any hints as to whether the inhabitants are old or young, winding down or raising a family?

All of this is true and more. Your home says a lot more about you than your social status. Does it have a strong foundation or does it look like it could blow away in the next gale?

How people perceive your house when they drive by is how they perceive you—not just the strangers driving by who don’t know you, but also the people who come to your door who do know you.

Your reputation  and even your career  are symbolized by your house and its approach. People can tell whether you are an open and welcoming person or hard-to-get-to-know just by walking up to your door—possibly even by just driving by. They can tell whether you respect yourself and whether you respect others.

Play a game with someone you enjoy conversing with (or grab a notepad and do it alone). Go to a neighborhood other than your own, to a street on which you don’t know anyone—in town or out of town. Pick a house, and see how much you can figure out about the people who live there. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can come up with a whole scenario about those people’s lives, or even 20-30 ideas about them. They may not all be true, but they will all be true about how the inhabitants are perceived—their reputation.

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#24  Spending All of Your Money

Whether they have a little or have a lot, most people spend all of their money. In fact, many people spend more than what they have. Do you usually have “more month than money”? Or, you’re doing all right, but your savings just isn’t adding up the way you wish it were?

When you moved into the home you’re in now, did you believe this was the place where you’d make your mark and reach your desired level of prosperity? Have you lived there quite awhile, and yet, for the most part, are you still living month-to-month?

Then this cure is for you

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#25  Weight of the World

“Beams”  (real or decorative) carry the weight of the roof, and when you sleep, sit, work or spend substantial time under them, they project their “energy”  downward, dividing yours. Prolonged exposure can cause illness, divorce and money problems. It is best not to position yourself under beams. If you have no other choice, you must cure the beams.

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#26  Brokenness

Does your life feel like it is falling apart? Your home is an extension of you. Find out how to repair the ailments in your life with this cure

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#27 Get Off the Merry-Go-Round
Do you feel like you are going around in circles? Do you feel like you can’t get ahead? Or maybe you feel like someone just spun you around by punching you in the shoulder!
Do you have a garage attached to your house? Does your  “driveway”  pull up directly to your house? Wherever you park your car, as you near your home, at any point is your automobile aimed directly at the house, however fleetingly? If so, proceed with this cure.

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#28  Vaulted Ceilings

Slanted or vaulted ceilings put the home out of balance and put a burden on the life stations under the low side of the ceiling. Ceilings with two or more “slopes”  cause tremendous sha.

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#29  What Are You Venting?
The vents in your home where air-conditioning and heat flow out, and air intake vents, are areas that can drain chi from your home and bring in sha.

Find out how to stop the drain with this cure.

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#30  Gutter Mouth

The gutters on your home are very functional. However, they also funnel the beautiful chi “energy”  from the rain to a specific point on your property as it drains away from you. One of the objectives of feng shui is to keep as much chi energy on your property as possible. As “water”  drains from the gutters, chi drains from your life.

Find out how to hold the chi in your home and in your life with this cure

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#31  Putting Out the Welcome Mat

The entrance to your home is where most of the “energy”  enters. When your front door opens, it creates a vortex sucking in the energy from outside. So it is important that the energy at your entry way be chi. When people enter your door, they bring their energy with them. And if they’re having a bad day, that’s what comes in, unless you transform it (them) before they enter.

Find out how to shift the energy entering your home with this cure.

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#32  Stepping Our Of Accidents

Stairs and steps can be obstacles for people entering your home and for the “energy”  that enters your home! Most accidents happen on the stairs, curbs and steps.  Too many steps can cause chienergy to turn into sha energy through acceleration.

Find out how to create more safety in your home and life

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#33  The House Speaks
The front door of your home is the mouth of your home. This entrance sets the “energy”  for the whole house. You could be missing the command voice in the household—especially important if you have “children” .

If you are looking for Command in your life this cure is for you

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#34  The Whole Life Formula

Wholeness is important in feng shui. When you—or your home—is not whole, life is difficult. It’s like driving a car with a flat tire: you can do it, but it isn’t easy and there will be long-term damage.

Your home is an extension of you. If your home is not whole your life will not be whole.

This cure only available in the Special Volume “The Whole Life Formula”

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