Creating a Great Life for Yourself
Feng Shui Quick Fix Vol 4
Feng Shui Room by Room

Includes Cures 35-52

Until now feng shui quick fix vol 4, we’ve been addressing your whole life, safety and reputation. Now we’ll begin to zero in on particular aspects of your life, going room-by-room to make your life more harmonious and flowing.

Some ailments are generic to every room of your home. We will cover these in this section of the course. They will include the element of family, how to treat angled walls that have become so popular in architecture, the cause of arguments and the use of color   to name a few.

What about the location and operation of the bathroom? Do those banging doors  bother you—in more ways than one? What about the fireplace ?

For the most part, “room cures” are treatments that can improve the effect of any room on you, not just specific rooms, such as the kitchen   and bedrooms, which we’ll get to later.

        There was your whole property….

                Then your whole house…

                        Then your home’s interior as a whole….

…And now the rooms.

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#35 Off Balance

Achieving balance seems to be a lifelong pursuit. About the time we achieve equilibrium, something new comes into our life…or something goes away. We have too much to read, so we cancel all the magazines, then in a few months find we have nothing to read! The house is full of kids and our time spent carpooling, then they’re all off to college or lives of their own. We have too many clients, then not enough work. It could be either too many  “relationships”  or not enough! It happens to all of us all of the time; only the particulars vary.

Did you know the visual harmony, or discord, in your home can contribute to how you and other members of the family feel?

Looking at your home décor through new eyes will strengthen your artistic sensibilities—something all my clients notice and are pleased with for themselves.

If you are looking for more balance anywhere in your life this cure may be for you.

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# 36  Do You Have the Right Angle?

Today many architects and designers have been looking to create new and different structures. In doing this they often create nightmares in the lives of the inhabitants. Many homes today are designed with angled walls. These angles set your room to spinning and cut off wholeness in your life.  You may also feel that things are missing in your life or that life is a struggle.   If so, this cure may be for you

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#37  What’s Not Working?

Does it sometimes seem like you’re trying to push a rock uphill? Or, have you had the experience of no matter how hard you try, you can’t make things come together?

Then this cure could be for you

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#38   Eaten Alive
A “mouth” in your home will  drain your  “energy” .  If you are short on energy, money or love then this may be the cure for you

Found out how to identify a mouth and cure it.

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#39   Arguments

Humans are gregarious by nature. We love to congregate, whether one-on-one or in small or large groups. We’re drawn to people, whether pictures in magazines, the movies or people walking by in the airport. That’s why we live and work with people. Even loners have a person or two in their lives every now and then.

So it would seem natural that there would occasionally be disagreements. After all, if two people agree upon absolutely everything, one of them isn’t necessary! Differences of viewpoint are what keep us interested in one another. Sure, we like those people who agree with us, because that makes us feel good, righteous even. But excitement often begins when someone with whom you have a lot in common has a slightly different perspective—not so different that you never see eye-to-eye, but dissimilar enough to intrigue you.

Agreeing all the time is not a desirable state. Neither is disagreeing. If the disagreeing seems excessive, or develops into arguments, check your building to see whether it is contributing to your arguing “energy” .

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#40  Life is Colorful

The front door of your home is the mouth of your home. This entrance sets the “energy”  for the whole house. If your family uses more than one door, you will miss the command voice in the household—especially important if you have “children” . The size of the door and the ease of entry will also dictate the strength of authority in the household.

Get and take your power with this cure

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#41  Clutter Clutter

Stuff! Everyone has it. Unfortunately, we don’t always have a place to put it. Stuff, when left out and unorganized, keeps parts of our minds constantly active.

This keeps you from really doing your best and succeeding.

Free your mind of this unnecessary drain and allow it to serve you more productively with this cure

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#42  Your Children’s Future

If you have  “children”  in your home, you know about”homework” . Sometimes it’s easy to get school-children into a routine, and sometimes it seems that no matter what you try, homework is so painful that you wish it were banned—not so much for your children’s sake as for yours and the nightly struggle you must undertake to meet the requirements a teacher imposed on your child without consulting you first about your schedule!

Children having a difficult time in school, and “children”  with grades suffering can be supported through feng shui.

Help your children with this cure

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#43  Fireplaces are Aggravating!

The “fireplace”  in your home provides heat for the winter and a functional as well as comforting, possibly even romantic, environment. However, the fire in the fireplace has tremendous sha  “energy” . Think of the power of fire when lightning strikes a forest and starts a fire that runs rampant.

Fire  “energy”  can cause arguments in the home, especially in the room where the “fireplace”  is located. Fire energy can subtly pervade your life causing aggravation and quarrels. If you have a fireplace in your home, you may find that this is the room where contention begins.

Then this cure could be for you

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#44  Welcoming Furniture – Or Not!

Furniture is functional, but it also has “energy”  and adds healing chior cutting sha to your environment. Its shape can be nurturing or cutting. Furniture that is soft and round is more nurturing than furniture that has sharp corners and is hard.

Also, placement can make you feel welcome or unwelcome, help or hinder communication, and determine the amount of time you spend in a room.

Get the furniture placement answers with this cure.

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#45  Light Up Your Life

We get 100% of our life force from the sun. Twenty percent comes directly from the sun and 80% from sunlight stored in  “food” .

Manufactured light is also an  “energy”  source, similar to the sun. Manufactured light can add energy to your home or to a specific area of your life. It can add energy to areas of your home that have been in darkness. Lighting is the most important part of making an interior design feel good.

Find out how to cure your home with the 3 types of lighting.

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#46  Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are one of the most utilized cures for Feng Shui ailments because they are so versatile. Mirrors can be used to reflect “energy”  or to attract it. They are also used to complete, duplicate and transform energy.

Find out how to use and not use mirrors

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#47  Stairs and Steps

Steps always increase the speed of “energy” , and they can also change its direction. Stairs across from other openings, like doorways, are particularly potent.

A stairway opposite the front door as you enter will send “energy”  moving very fast up (or down) the stairway, creating sha energy. A room that steps down or up from the main level of the house will also shift the energy.

Besides creating tremendous sha  “energy” , stairs or steps give rise to accidents in the home.

Find out how to cure this dangerous ailment.

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#48  Sagging Structure

Do you feel like the bottom is falling out of things? Do things seem to be going downhill? Do you feel unsupported in your life?

Then this cure could be for you

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#49  Broadcast Interruption

Do you receive all of the opportunities you desire? Are you sometimes misunderstood? Do you feel stuck and unable to communicate effectively? (This includes conversation between parents and  “children” !) Perhaps there’s some static on your airwaves.

Then this cure could be for you

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#50  Bric-Brackish

Everything in life has  “energy” . Each item has its own energy and representation of energy. Each item in your home, from the art on the wall to the bric-a-brac on your shelves, has energy and represents types of energy.

In the Southwest, cow skulls have been a very popular decoration inside and out. What people do not understand is that every time their higher self sees a skull, it is reminded of death. This is infrequently a desirable concept to be thinking about. So, bones are out!

Find out what nic-nac’s to get rid of and which ones to use

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#51  Taken by Surprise

Have you ever heard the saying, “You just took a year off my life?”Feng shui is the innate wisdom of this statement. Shocks and surprises—sometimes even good bolts from the blue—can exact a toll on body and mind.

Find out how to secure you energy with this cure

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#52  Going with the Flow

When  “energy”  is in a big open space, it can move freely. When energy enters a confined space with walls, like a hallway, the energy is forced to move more quickly. There are three cures that can be use to heal this sha energy. Layering several cures together is more effective than using just one.

Get the cure for this fast moving sha energy

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