Purge Your Life of Un-Wanted Emotions
Feng Shui Quick Fix Vol 6
Processing and Purging
Includes Cures 67-71

There are few daily events more important to wellbeing and overall health  than those that occur in the bathroom. They are personal and they are powerful. They should be honored as the basis of vigor that they are, because without appropriate distribution within the gastro-intestinal system, there cannot exist calmness of communication, clarity of thought or concentration of health.

“Perfect circulation equals perfect health  ,” said 19th Century mystic Ellen Gould White. Disruptions of digestive flow could lead to gout, anal-retentiveness, cancer and other ailments too grievous to mention.

Processing and purging occurs with emotional issues, as well. But if your bathroom is backed up, so may be your emotions. If you find yourself behind in your work, or if you are holding on to old hurts and emotional pain, this section is for you.

It is important for your stress  control and a sense of well-being to keep things flowing.

Make sure you do “whatever it takes” to process and purge daily!

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#67  Worn Out and Tired

Are you worn out all the time? Is life getting smelly? Maybe all your days are taking on a brownish cast and you feel sh__ty most of the time. You might be assessing the situation perfectly! And it might be as easy to fix as gluing up a few mirrors!

Then this cure could be for you.

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#68  Shower and Tub

Feeling tired and drained can lead to short tempers, non-performance, problems with your boss or co-workers, reduced income, job-loss, relationship loss, and lack of support or resources.

Your “shower”  and tub drains must be protected or your money, “health” , and “relationships”  can go down the drain—literally! Each time you look into your shower or tub,  “energy”  leaves you and your home, even if you are just brushing your teeth.

Find out how to stop the drain.

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#69  Keep the Pipes Flowing

Has life been backing up on you? Are you having a difficult time digesting the circumstances of your life? Check out this cure for a smoother flowing life. Do things not turn out like you planned?

Then this cure could be for you.

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#70  Peek-a-Boo!

The toilet is the biggest drain of energy in your home.  Find out how to cure this drain.

If you are feeling drains emotionally, physically or financially this cure could be foryou.

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#71  Pulling Money Out of the Toilet

Is holding onto money a problem for you or do you never have enough of it? Then this cure could be for you!

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