Bathroom Color

Feng Shui Bathroom Color

Feng Shui Bathroom Color

Bathroom Color Creating Balance in Your Life

In every home, there is a room that is the oasis, the place where you can get away from it all. For most people, this room is the bathroom as it’s the only room in which you are completely alone. You might soak in the tub or you might decide to paint your toes or color your hair. In any case, the way you decorate your bathroom will determine the energetic feel of this room. By following some basic Feng Shui principles, you can begin to make this room even more appealing for your senses.

Regulating the Flow of Water

The bathroom color naturally has a lot of water energy flowing in and through it. As a result, the energy can be quite volatile if there is nothing to ground the water. However, many people believe that adding water scenes and colors to their bathroom improves the energy  not according to Feng Shui. What you will want to do is to keep some water energy (the sink, toilet, and bath tub are generally plenty) in place, but then you need to find ways to add other energies like earth and metal to the room. This way, you create balance, which is how you want to feel when you leave the bathroom.

The Bathroom Color of the Earth

Ideally, you will want to add earth tones to your bathroom. Think about adding colors like rusty orange or a muted brown. These colors will not only add earth to the bathroom, but they will also begin to make the room feel warmer, more inviting. You might also want to look into muted reds and greens to help with the Feng Shui energy of grounding and earth.

Some believe that white can be a good color for the bathroom, but only when used sparingly. While white is clean and soothing for some, it can be harshly sterile to others. Think about what feels good to you and follow the Feng Shui advice that seems to fit your style and energy.