Bathroom Energy Fix it!

Feng Shui Bathroom Energy

Feng Shui Bathroom Energy

While there may be no good place for a bathroom in a living space, that does not mean you should just give up on making it more energy friendly? Absolutely not. No matter where your bathroom is in your home, there are ways to not only make it more energetically attractive, but also more soothing to yourself and to your family. The bathroom is a room you visit each day and it should be inviting and supportive in the way it makes you feel.

In a Feng Shui Hot Spot?

Many bathrooms end up being in Feng Shui hot spots i.e. the wealth area of a home, the marriage area, etc. But since the bathroom is not a place that can be moved, you need to find other ways to shift its energy. One way to do this is to keep the door closed so that the bathroom energy does not infect other rooms. You might also want to put a mirror on the outside of the door, facing out into the rest of the house so that the energy is reflected away from the bathroom. Keep the drains closed in the bathroom as well.

Central Location?

When your bathroom is in a central location, you may want to start by painting the walls a bright color, so as to attractive positive energy into the health area of your home. Using something heavy to signify earth energy is also essential. Try to put something like a stone or a crystal in each corner to help ground the space. It;s also essential that you keep the room clean in order to promote cleanliness in the health area of your life as well as in your home.

Near the Kitchen or Entry?

Since the water energy of the bathroom can douse the fire energy of the kitchen and push away energy when situated over or near the entryway, try using a multi-faceted crystal to help disperse the energy more randomly instead of in the focused manner. You might also may want to add images of earth in the area below the bathroom in order to ground the energy and keep it from flowing away.

The bathroom can present some Feng Shui energy challenges, but perhaps you can simply look at these challenges as opportunities to make your room even more positive for your home.