Feng Shui Kitchen Tips

Feng Shui Kitchen Tips

Feng Shui Kitchen Tips

Feng Shui Kitchen tips. The kitchen is a room many people take for granted. You simply assume that the food will be there when you need it, that the appliances will give you the energy you need when you are ready to cook, etc. But in the practice of Feng Shui, the kitchen is actually a room where the energy of the house is stored. Thought of as the heart of the home, the kitchen is where you can apply many of the Feng Shui principles and begin to see immediate results.

The kitchen is associated with abundance, prosperity and the food that life is made of.

The Color of Your Kitchen

Changing the colors of your kitchen is one of the easiest ways to add energy and to add warmth to your life and Feng Shui Kitchen tips. Really adding color is the quickest, least expensive and easiest way to add energy to any room in your home. Ideally, you will want to look at a bagua map of your home to see where the kitchen is situated on this map and then add the appropriate colors. However, you will also want to think of the kitchen as a sort of fireplace of the home, a place where the fires of the family hearth are being stoked. Thus, using colors like reds and oranges will help to support this energy and this heat. But as with anything in Feng Shui, using what feels right to you is another good lesson. If you feel that greens and blues are helpful, then use those, ┬áit’s up to you.

The warm colors like red, yellow and orange have the highest vibration and the most energy so they will bring in the most chi into your kitchen. The cool colors like blue and green will add energy but in a more subtle way.

If you a looking for a balance try just adding the warm tones in accessory items while using the cool colors for the walls.

Get Rid of What Doesn’t Work

A kitchen is a room thats filled with many appliances you use on an infrequent basis. Often, those items don’t work or they don’t work as well as they used to when you first bought them. Instead of simply holding onto things that are broken or that are ruined, get rid of anything that doesn’t work and that shows signs of breakage. Items that are broken or have become cumbersome to use will create cumbersome or difficult circumstances in your life.

This way, you can remove that negative energy as well. If something can be fixed, then go ahead and fix it since this will also help to encourage positive energy in the room.