Feng Shui Windows

Feng Shui Window Tips

Feng Shui Window Tips

The feng shui windows of your home not only let light into your space, but they can also allow you to have more energy in your life.  By looking for ways to enhance their ability to draw in energy, you can begin to change not only the look of your home, but also the way it feels.  They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul and in Feng Shui the windows are the openings or eyes to your life. In Feng Shui, you can begin to see dramatic changes in your life by simply paying attention to the way your windows are looking out into the world.

Regulate the Flow of Energy

 Feng Shui Windows can help to regulate the energy that is surrounding a home.  When you have a home that’s in the middle of a busy street that is full of hard or sha energy, for example, using drapes and blinds in the windows will help to diffuse the energy while also blocking any energy you don’t want in your space.  Of course, if your home is surrounded by positive things, then you would want to open the windows up more in order to share this positive energy in the home.  Look to the windows to help you begin to change the way the energy moves in or doesn’t move into your home.

 Cure Energy Arrows

 Sometimes, your home might be in the line of energy fire, so to speak.  If you have corners or sharp items pointing at your windows, this can cause hard energy to flow into your home.  In order to soften this energy, you will want to add plants or other items in the windows.  These Feng Shui helpers will deflect and transform the energy into something more positive.  Closing the drapes will also help as will hanging crystal balls in the windows to transmute hard energy (sha) into positive energy (chi) and prevent it from causing harm.

 Find a Good View

 Ideally, you would want your windows to open up into a beautiful setting.  You would want to look out your window and see a nature scene that makes the energy of a room and the entire home more positive.  If you are able to see a beautiful picture when you open your windows, make sure to keep your windows open as often as possible.  This way, the energy of nature can infuse your home with positive Feng Shui chi.

 Fill Up a Blank Wall

 Blank walls next to windows are a no-no in Feng Shui.  This can generate negative energy, so you will want to add something beautiful to these spaces.  Try to find ways to add mirrors or other decorative touches to these areas so that energy is positive.

 Add Pretty Touches

 Finally, if you’re not able to live next to a beautiful nature scene, it will help you to spend some time decorating the area around the windows.  Though the window might not open up to a beautiful mountain, at least the energy that surrounds a window can be positive and supportive to your world.  Look for beautiful drapes and flowing curtains to help you draw in the positive Feng Shui energy that comes from the world, even if the setting isn’t serene.

With your windows, you can begin to make Feng Shui changes that will allow the space to feel calmer and more relaxing.