Feng Shui and Ancient Nursery Rhymes

Feng Shui and Ancient Nursery Rhymes

Energy and how it works has been hidden for public knowledge for centuries.  But it has been hidden in plane site……in ancient nursery rhymes.

There is no new knowledge  there is just new to you knowledge.  All knowledge has been around for centuries.  The valuable knowledge has been hidden for only the elite and priest classes.  Now I am making it available to the masses so that you too can make use of it in your daily lives.  So that you too can prosper.

Those who have had access to this knowledge have always had the edge in business and in life.  Now it can be your turn.  Your turn to have the edge in all of your decision making turning that into more success in all aspects of your life.

Some of the Templers became troubadours of old.  It became dangerous to have and hold this knowledge let alone pass it on to others.  So they hid this knowledge in the nursery rhymes.  Who would of thought to look here.   By hiding this knowledge in innocent nursery rhymes they were able to preserve this knowledge and pass it down for generations.