Electromagnetic Fields, Cell Phones & Feng Shui

Earth has an electromagnetic field.  Our solar sun also has an electromagnetic field.  Our solar sun goes thru 11year cycles of solar fluctuations called sun flares that create solar wind.   In 2003 two of the strongest flares ever recorded flashed.  National Geographic says that we are in the height of the sunspot cycle.

The fluctuations from our solar sun have a major impact on the planet earth. This solar wind creates a vibration that disturbs the electromagnetic field of the earth.  The greater the intensity of the solar fluctuations and the amount of fluctuations will determine the amount of disturbances of the earth’s electromagnetic field.

The history of these solar fluctuations can be found in the earth’s tectonic plates.  It is believed that at one time all of the continents of the earth were connected.  It is also believed that the effects from on solar system and galaxy have caused the shift to the separate continents.

The Earth’s electromagnetic field is created by a solid iron inner core and a molten outer core.  These two cores move in opposite directions.  It is this movement of the cores that creates the energy that moves in the magnet pole that creates the earth’s magnetic field and magnetic north.

Magnetic North and True North (the Earth’s axis) although thought to be one in the same, are not.  Magnet North moves an average of 40 kilometers every year. In the last 100 years Magnetic North has moved approximately 1200 kilometers.

This difference between Magnet North and the True North is called Magnetic Declination.  Magnetic North is also thought to be a specific point on the planet, but is not.  It is an average point that travels in an elliptical shape that can vary as much as 160 kilometers at any given time.

“Magnetic North is always in constant movement”   Larry Newitt, Geological Survey of Canada.

When the vibration from the solar wind hits the earth, it disturbs the electromagnetic field of the earth, which vibrates the magnetic pole, moving magnetic north in this elliptical shape.   The greater the intensity and amount of solar wind will determine the elliptical movement of Magnetic North.

If you are determining placement of furniture based upon magnetic north, the degrees are not critical, the overall direction is.   However, if you are determining your property or site location based upon Magnetic North your compass reading will not be specifically accurate in reading the actual degrees of the location.

Check out  this video on the effects of a cell phone on a compass.  The evidence speaks for itself.

See the impact that a simple cell phone has on the magnetic field of a compass.  The addition or subtraction of the Magnetic Declination to your compass reading will give you a close reading, however, it will not be accurate degree because magnetic north is in constant movement.