Feng Shui Getting the Edge

Feng Shui Getting the Edge  we have all heard about keeping your back to the wall for security and seen most executives with high back chairs and their secretaries have little steno chairs.

For most we don’t think much about it but it’s time you did.  Little things like placement in negotiation, relationships and life can make or break your success.  Knowing these simple rules of energy can change your success in everything you do.  Your next negotiation in business with your boss, spouse and even your children.

When you are standing on the fence it’s just that little extra energy that can make or break a deal.  Wouldn’t you like to have it?  The power of placement can help determine your success in business, negotiation and life.  Find out this simple method of placement that can change your life.  Check out this video clip for more information on how.

The proper bagua mirror placement is often a concern.  The traditional bagua mirror that you find in many Oriental shops or online is used to refelct sha energy away from the home.  The bagua mirror is eight sided and traditional used the trigrams around the mirror.

Many home owners associations limited what can and cannot be placed outside and often the design of door ways often make it difficult for the bagua mirror placement.

The ideal placement for the Ba-Qua Mirror is above the entrance to your home or office.

If your the design of your doorway limits what you can place on the outside of your home then the bagua mirror placement can be placed to the side of the door instead of above the door.

If association requirements do not allow the bagua mirror placement outside above or to the side of the doorway, place the mirror just inside the front door so that you can see it when you enter.

A Bagua mirror is a must feng shui cure for your home and will lessen the hard or sha energy outside your home from entering and impacting your inside home environment.