Feng Shui Luck

Three elements that can improve your luck

Feng Shui Luck

Has it ever seemed as if nothing you do turns out right?  Maybe you were passed over for a promotion at work or your love relationship suddenly hit the end of its road and you have no idea why.  As hard as you try all of the important and even the not so important aspects of your life are a mess.  On the hand, maybe you live a charmed life.  With little effort everything seems to work out fine.  Your dream job landed in your life, you married a person way out of your league, and the kids are perfect angels.  And while you’re not complaining, you haven’t a clue as to why you are so lucky.  Don’t worry, no one else knows why either.  The last set of people has luck somewhere in the middle, with times of great joy and others of despairing failure.  According to the Feng Shui practice, luck is determined by several different factors.  There are ways to improve your luck by combining the forces of Feng Shui and luck to work for your benefit.

The first thing to understand in relation to Feng Shui and luck is the three luck components.  One of these is called Heaven Luck.  Heaven Luck is preordained by the day and time of your birth.  It also is responsible for who our parents are and their effect on us.  Heaven luck is attributed to the natural cycles of our lives, both good and bad.  Astrology plays a huge role in the outcome of heaven luck.  In the Western world, luck is considered to be almost inconsequential.  People of this region believe they make their own luck.  That is why, at birth, day and date are carefully recorded by parents, but the time of birth is often overlooked.  Those who practice Feng Shui pay attention to day, date, and time of birth to help determine a child’s heaven luck.  In other words, Heaven luck dominates all of the forces of our lives over which we truly have no control.

The next type of luck is Humankind luck.  This could be easily classified as the luck each person creates for himself or herself.  Some people would refer to this type of luck as karma.  The act of giving of ourselves selflessly, working hard, and being in a constant state of growth are ways to increase humankind luck.  Feng Shui and luck are closely bound by a person’s response to the world around them.  This luck is enhanced by achieving greater wisdom and awareness of ourselves.  In the Feng Shui practice without hard work creates an environment in which good fortune will pass by.  To harness this good fortune, one has to always strive for their own betterment.

Besides humankind luck, the type of luck we have the most control over is Earth luck.  The best way to enhance your earth luck is to practice good Feng Shui in your home and office.  When we create an environment that is conducive to the movement of positive chi, our luck is better.  Harmony and balance are the goals in arranging your living space.  Feng Shui and luck go hand in hand through the harmonious arrangement of our homes.  It will magnify the good times in our lives, enhancing good luck and work to minimize the negative effects during the hard times.

When thinking about Feng Shui and luck, the person who wants to have good luck must look inside themselves for greater awareness and betterment.  Two of the three components that make up a person’s luck are able to be enhanced through their own behavior.  That is why the practice of Feng Shui in your home is so important in terms of luck.  Much like the Feng Shui philosophy, luck is connected to every aspect of your life.  To most fully take advantage of and benefit from Feng Shui to enhance your luck, you must always work to improve yourself and create a living space that is open to the good chi around you.

Objects are essential in the practice of Feng Shui as well.  In terms of creating greater luck, the most famous and well known object has to be the bamboo plant.  When you think about the bamboo plant and its features, it is easy to see why it is so closely related to Feng Shui and luck.  This plant grows quickly, has an amazing resilience and strength, and flexible.  For these reasons, the bamboo plant is symbolizes success and luck.  When properly placed in a home, the bamboo plant energizes stagnant chi and helps to activate the good luck everyone wishes for.  Many people that practice Feng Shui in their everyday lives send this plant to those starting new businesses or moving into a new home.  The bamboo plant represents what everyone needs to enhance their own luck, growth, flexibility, and endurance.

Both Feng Shui and luck are greatly enhanced when the person is open to the forces of positive chi.  These energies control every aspect of our lives according to the Feng Shui philosophy.  By practicing continuous personal growth, awareness of the world, and creating a harmonious living and working environment you can achieve the kind of luck you have always dreamed of.

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