Kitchen Feng Shui 

kitchen feng shui

kitchen feng shui

Kitchen Feng Shui  is a must for happiness, success and money.

Many people are already aware that the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui is designed to assist the user in all aspects of life.  Everything from a person’s personal and professional relationships to health and prosperity can be enhanced with the proper use of Feng Shui.  Most of the time, the changes that are needed to the environment are simply a matter of changing a decorating theme and furniture placement.  For any area of a home that is not in the Feng Shui tradition, a person can make the modifications necessary and successfully create a home that is conducive to happiness, harmony, and serenity.

One of the most used areas of a home is the kitchen. Kitchen Feng Shui is important as it symbolizes a family’s prosperity and obviously, nourishment.  The nourishment aspect of the kitchen is clear, as this is the room in which food is stored, prepared, and consumed.  For the best prosperity results, Kitchen Feng Shui needs to be used together to most fully benefit the members of the household.  If your kitchen isn’t in sync with the Feng Shui tradition a few helpful recommendations may help you achieve a cooking space that is designed to create a more inviting, chi friendly room.

The area of the home where the Kitchen Feng Shui is located is important in the flow of good chi.  In an ideal situation, the doorway to the kitchen won’t be visible from the main entrance of the home.  It is believed that if the doorway is in direct relation to the front door, that digestive problems may result.  Another problem with this placement is that guests are less likely to feel welcome in this environment and may leave soon after eating to avoid the negative energy.  Obviously you can’t change how your home or apartment is set up, but there are things you can do to solve this issue if your kitchen is set up in line with the front door.  Hanging a curtain, beaded or sheer, in front of the kitchen door effectively cuts it off from the rest of the house.  You could also try to place a visually interesting décor display across from the doorway.  In Feng Shui and kitchen placement, the goal is to divert attention from the kitchen when it is improperly placed in the home.

The positioning of appliances in Kitchen Feng Shui is incredibly vital in ensuring the positive flow of energy.  The person who is cooking should always be in a position of command.  For this reason, the stove should be placed to where anyone who enters the room can see the cook clearly.  The cook should also be able to see who enters without having to turn around to do so.  If your stove is facing a wall, a well placed mirror or reflective surface will work to correct this problem.  Since we are discussing the stove, there are a few other things to keep in mind.  You will want to use all of the burners on the range top equally.  Using the burners in this way is symbolic of getting money from multiple sources.  When you arrange your kitchen in the Feng Shui tradition be sure to keep your water elements and fire elements separate.  In other words, separate your stove and microwave from the refrigerator, dishwater, and sink.  Never place the stove under a window either.  All of your prosperity will go out the window.  This is important in practicing good Feng Shui.

A person can’t learn anything about Kitchen Feng Shui without quickly discovering that clutter is an absolute disaster.  This applies when Feng Shui and kitchen design meet as well.  One of the first things you should do to reap the rewards of a well thought out Feng Shui kitchen is be sure it is tidy and clean.  If you have an appliance that is broken or not working properly, it is essential that you replace it immediately.  At the minimum, discard the non operating item.  It is better to deal with life without a coffee maker than leave one in the kitchen that isn’t working correctly.  Getting rid of the unnecessary clutter will also leave you more comfortable in the kitchen and more open to the positive chi that is flowing around.

Kitchen Feng Shui arrangement can make a drastic impact on your life.  Harmony and serenity, not to mention prosperity, are enhanced by designing a Feng Shui compatible kitchen.  Of course, the best results come from arranging your entire home and work space in the Feng Shui tradition.  The correct furniture and appliance arrangement are essential for encouraging positive energies and the guarantee of loved ones feeling comfortable in your home.  It is worth the time to make your home and kitchen a haven of harmony and balance.

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