The Activator Disk

soul activator bookletCreator Joel Wallach talks about the Why and How of the Powerforms Activator click here to listen to this free audio

These are just some of the things you can do with the Activator disk:  add to cartPrice:  $44.47  

  • Enhance the energy of water, remedies & Crystals: The disk re-patterns the liquid’s atoms into higher degree of coherence, so that the liquid transmits positive activation when you drink it.
  • Spiritual Rejuvenation Chamber:  Create a spiritually vibrant and protected energy chamber  a true sacred space.
  • Deep Knowingness:  The Activator Disk transcends liner verbal communication.  It helps you experience a felt-sense of vitality, aliveness, higher potential and well-being.  You learn to wake yourself up.
  • Re-Create Yourself:  Affirmations enhance your Activator disk results.  As you work with the Activator disk your negative patters transform gradually into positive energies.
  • Help your life energy remember its essential nature.
  • Unite your body, mind and soul.
  • Vibrate a joyous energy-story to your inner shelf sharing the message of aliveness with your energy body.

One simple thing to use the Activator for click here

One more simple thing to use the Activator for click here

Here are a few practices you can do with the Activator Disk:

1.  Fire focus activate your inner fire and helps you focus in present time and cultivates determination.  It energizes you and helps you build an inner energy charge so you can move forward to initiate and complete tasks.

2.  Freedom Feeling encourages an oceanic yin energy within.  It helps expand the aura, bringing a feeling of lightness.  Restricted feelings release themselves gently and easily.  A timeless quality is brought into the present moment.

3.  Re-Pattern utilizes a a yin-yang swirling motion to re-pattern stagnant habits of mind and body into new appropriate patterns.  This helps you align with the present moment’s dynamic wisdom.  The active, dynamic frothy energy stimulates you to appreciate each changing moment.

4.  Heart Of The Present helps you manifest honest, real heart centered presence.  You may fell very focused and present as your vital core energy unites with your heart energy.  This aspect of the heart is associated with courage and it helps you transcend illusions.

5.  Implosion Renewal helps you rediscover your youthful, oxygen-rich chi-filled body, pulsing with life within your physical body.  As the subtle energy flows into your lungs, your inner energy-radiance activate your true self’s deeper vitality potential.

6.  Goddess Incarnation cultivates a grounded experience of infinity within the body, granting you the freedom to recognize your light body and physical body as one integrated wholeness.  Goddess refers to embodied yin energy.

7.  Will to Exist integrates the brain lobes, unifies body-mind-spirit and brings your potential into the moment so that you can think clearly, take action and manifest your plan.

8.  Unified Flow is like the yin-yang symbol:  Your energy flows from one hand to the other and your  unbalanced energy transforms into balanced energy as it flows. You cultivate the deep gently strength that emerges from within your inner infinite self.

9.  I Receive Grace cultivates a bodily felt sense of divine grace, creates an inner flexibility that transcends limited viewpoints and enhances your recognition of your essential universal identity.

Also Included:

Re-connect with life-energy
Spinal Column Meditation
Chakra Cleansing, Breathing, Blockage Clearing and Rejuvenation
Meridian Cleansing, Breathing, Blockage Clearing and Rejuvenation
Spiritual Rejuvenation

Alert and Energized

I had my golfing partners put the Activator in their left shoe. They found, to their surprise, that they could drive the ball farther. Also, I found that when I put the Activator on the floor under my left shoe at work, I felt more alert and energized.

Tony C., Feng Shui Master

Office Feels Calmer and More Peaceful

I use my Powerforms at my office. I am surrounded by computers and laser printers. I sit within the beam of several Powerforms (place the Powerforms on small easels facing you to accomplish this). I find that I am less tired by the end of the day as well as more creative throughout the day. Since I have set up the Powerforms here, co-workers have mentioned that my office feels calmer and more peaceful. They sensed the change without knowing about the energy devices.

Michelle, Facilities Coordinator

Activator Booklet
Activator Disk
activator disk red side

Activator Disk

The Personal Life-Force Enhancement Tool For Your Body, Aura and Chakras – Activate Your Potential and Receive Positive Energy

The Activator Disk is an effective, user-friendly energy tool. Place it on your body–it interacts with your energy-field (aura) to unify body, mind, and spirit. This creates a resonance between your energy-field and the universe so that life-force (Chi or Prana) is more available to you.

The activator is responsive to your positive intentions.  The disk helps you align with your highest truth so that you can manifest your potential.  Our planet’s shift to higher consciousness encourages everyone to express their higher potential and the Activator Disk helps you co-create “heaven on earth” as our planet’s consciousness awakens.

The Disk functions in a natural and balanced way; it helps your aura work efficiently by transmuting energy blockages so your life force can flow easily. The Activator Disk is the result of over 12 years of subtle energy research and is designed to help you develop a deeper sense of your own connection to the universal life-force. This connection will become even stronger when you use the life-force boosting exercise within these pages.

This guidebook contain specific, illustrated information that reveals how you can transform your Chakras (energy center), your aura and your energy-flow using the Activator Disk. Also, a special section describes how holistic practitioners can use the Disk both for themselves and for the benefit of their clients.

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Super Charge Your Activator Experience

In this audio class Joel Bruce Wallach walks you through each of the Activator  22 exercises.  Learn the when, how and why to do each exercise and what kind of experience to expect. Joel shares with you his personal direction, ideas and  experiences on how to make your Activator Disk experience more  powerful.

Price:  $19.97

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powerforms carry bag

Powerforms Velvet Carry Bag

These beautiful purple velvet bags are great for caring your Powerforms disks .  The divided insert allows you to carry 5 disks keeping them safe from scratching.  5.5″ x 7.75″

 Price:  $26.47

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powerforms intro dvd

Powerform Instruction DVD’s

Introduction to Powerforms
Subtle Energy tools
by Joel Bruce Wallach

*Where Powerforms Come From
*Shape + Material = Effect
*Initial Reactions
*Ease of Use
*Your Experience
*Tools for Modern Time

Introduction to Powerforms is a comprehensive description of the Powerform products. You will learn about how these amazing products came into being. You will learn about the importance of shape & material, initial reactions to when using them yourself. It also includes information on using the disks for long distance work and children. These are state of the art tools for modern times.  Approx 1.5 hour

   Price:  $29.97

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Special Price: $7.97 Only Available with a an order of the Activator Disk Listed Above.

Special Offer $7.97

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