The Divine Essence Disks

The Powerforms Divine Essence Disks is a united team of four Powerforms disks that work together, like the ingredients in a fine recipe

Divine Essence Disk - Water

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Divine Essence - Fire

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Divine Essence Disk - Earth

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Divine Essence Disk - Air

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Helping you harness the four elements of creation: earth – water – fire – air

The Divine Essence disks help you bring these healing energies into your daily life:
• stabilizing Earth
• flowing Water
• focused Fire
• expansive Air

How the Disks Work

The Divine Essence Disks speak the silent, spiritual-energy language that your body, aura, and mind can understand. This is the intuitive language of vibration, also known as sympathetic resonance. Imagine one tuning fork spontaneously causing another tuning fork to resonate – that’s how sympathetic resonance works

Why they Work

The Divine Essence Disks contain intricately designed layers of copper antennas, precisely tuned to help you resonate with the subtle energies of earth, water, fire, and air. This helps you recognize these subtle element energies within your own body, and that helps you resonate with subtle divine world of the elements.

Each of the four disks in the Divine Essence Disk Set is an effective and easy-to-use energy tool.

You can hold the disks in your hands, place them on your body, or arrange them around you in a sacred-space grid.

Exercises You Can Do with these Disks

  • The Four Elements – create a harmony grid for meditation and healing
  • Release limited patterns — Activate your Divine connection
  • Divine Order – how you can experience it in your life
  • Your body – a living energy circuit – multiple disks on your body
  • Living energy circuits in the palm of your hand
  • Mini-energy beam for transformation:
  • Harmonize your environment – harmonize yourself -How To Make Energy Healing Grids With Multiple Disks
  • Simplicity Feeling – Deep Meditation
  • Spinning To Higher Consciousness
  • Your Molecules Feel Deep Harmony
  • Melting Feeling – Peaceful Balance
  • Inner Self Unites With Outer Self
  • Higher Self Incarnates
  • Inner Light Unites You
  • Upward Energy Transforms, Downward Energy Balances
  • Transformed By Your True Essence
  • Circulate & Regenerate
  • Flow Out Release, Flow In Restore
  • Infinity In The Palm Of Your Hand
Powerforms Divine Essence Disk Earth Booklet
Powerforms Divine Essence Element Disk Earth Red

 Earth Body Disk – red

What it does – Activates your earth connection, especially root center, legs, & feet.
Helps support – physical body • earth connection • life energy
Benefits – centering • stability • integration • grounded / dynamic comfort in body
Planet Element – Earth
Spiritual Element — Divine Nature

• Basic element: Earth
• Subtle element: Divine nature
• Qualities: Earthy, grounding, vitalizing, awareness in lower chakras, river of earth energy, life activation, present-moment activation
• Action: Strengthens the root center, brings your consciousness to the vital core of your physical body, and helps your body align with the planet.
• Benefits: Strengthens your earthy life-energy, and helps you recognize that your body is a living aspect of Nature and the planet, so that you feel more alive, and more stable in your body.

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Powerforms Divine Essence Disk Water Booklet
Powerforms Divine Essence Element Disk Water Blue

Galaxy Heart Disk – blue

What it does – Activates your heart nectar, especially heart center.
Helps support – emotions • empathy • compassion • psychic unity
Benefits – flowing feeling • releasing • shared heart oneness • psychic knowing
Planet Element – Water
Spiritual Element – Divine Nectar

• Basic element: Water
• Subtle element: Divine nectar
• Qualities: Compassion, loving kindness, empathy, felt intuition
• Action: Awakens cosmic solar energy in the heart.
• Benefits: Awakens sub-atomic awareness of self, and of everything in the universe. This helps you understand Unity. You begin to discover the heart unity between everything in the universe.

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Powerforms Divine Essence Disk Fire Booklet
Powerforms Divine Essence Element Disk Fire Yellow

Solar Essence Disk – yellow

What it does – Activates your focus, especially solar plexus.
Helps support – mind • thinking • creativity • study • present moment awareness
Benefits – mental passion • confident spontaneity • easier concentration
Planet Element – Fire
Spiritual Element – Divine Mind

  • Basic element: Fire
    Subtle element: Divine mind
    Qualities: Warmth, aliveness, shimmering energy, focused concentration 
    Action: Focuses solar plexus for vibrant and one-pointed attention.
    Benefits: Creates concentrated & dynamic alignment, and recognition that the divine solar flame shines within you.

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Powerforms Divine Essence Disk Air Booklet
Powerforms Divine Essence Element Disk Air Purple

 Cosmic Harmony Disk – purple

What it does – Activates your spiritual aspects, especially crown chakra & central channel.
Helps support – consciousness • higher self • spiritual life • inner silence
Benefits – spiritual freedom • unity with universal wisdom • expanded sense of possibilities • release from constriction • cosmic silence
Planet Element – Air
Spiritual Element – Divine Ether

• Basic element: Air
• Subtle element: Divine ether
• Qualities: deep silence, universal oneness, expansive, open, airy
• Action: Opens the crown center and central channel to divine consciousness.
• Benefits: Creates smooth universal feeling of peace and oneness, in a sacred space of divine silence.

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Powerforms Velvet Carry Bag

These beautiful purple velvet bags are great for caring your Powerforms disks .  The divided insert allows you to carry 5 disks keeping them safe from scratching.  5.5″ x 7.75″

 Price:  $26.47

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Powerform Instruction DVD’s

Introduction to Powerforms
Subtle Energy tools
by Joel Bruce Wallach

*Where Powerforms Come From
*Shape + Material = Effect
*Initial Reactions
*Ease of Use
*Your Experience
*Tools for Modern Time

Introduction to Powerforms is a comprehensive description of the Powerform products. You will learn about how these amazing products came into being. You will learn about the importance of shape & material, initial reactions to when using them yourself. It also includes information on using the disks for long distance work and children. These are state of the art tools for modern times.  Approx 1.5 hour

   Price:  $29.97

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Special Price: $7.97 Only Available with a an order of the Activator Disk Listed Above.

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