The Neutral Space Plate

Powerforms Creator Joel Wallach talks about the Why and How of the Neutral Space Plate click here to listen to this free audio

These are just some of the things you can do with the Neutral Space Plate:

powerforms neutral space plate booklet

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  • Transform stuck energy by Releasing the past,
  • Operate at your highest by Cleansing your Meridians, the subtle-body’s “energy nervous system”,
  • Stabilize your energy in challenging situations,
  • Take control of your environment by Re-patterning a room’s energy at home & work,
  • Help you align with divine truth,
  • Comfortably and elegantly express your soul’s truth in your life,
  • Activate your soul’s higher potential,
  • Serve your spiritual needs for clarity, integrity, alignment and truth during our planets rapidly quickening spiritual evolution.

I have experienced greater dream recall and precognition in my dreams using the Powerforms. The quality of my dreams has changed too — they are more like memories of waking events and their meaning is clearer. I will be doing something in waking life either at work or with friends, and I will remember an event or experience that brings greater meaning and understanding to the present circumstances. Then, I realize the memory is from one of my dreams.  Cindy, Accountant

Here are a few practices you can do with the Neutral-Space Plate:

1. Pulse of Truth:  The Pulse of truth takes you deep within so you can experience your inner knowing.  You learn to receive wisdom from your deep body core and from the depths of your inner wise self.  You become adept at seeing through superficial people, ideas and situations.

2.  Comic Broom Sweeper:  The cosmic Broom Sweeper vibrates the aura, releasing negative thoughts and attachments that have clung like burrs to your aura.  As this occurs you are free to enjoy the quiet harmony emerging in your body.  You notice that release of false energies and you recognize the positive energies as they emerge.  Positive energies are safe and appropriate for you because they are aligned with your true essence self.

3.  Whirlwind Cleanser:  The Whirlwind cleanser cleans the subtle bodies within your physical body.  The cleansing action is energetically similar to the action of shaking a rug to clean it of dirt.  The Whirlwind Cleanser release long-standing accumulations of struggle over-effort and inefficient action.  This frees you to “just be” and enjoy the subtle delights of each moment.

4.  Deep De-decompression:  Deep De-compression smoothes your awareness.  It equalizes sharp distinctions and softens harsh contrast in your perception.  It helps you perceive everything as made of the same universal substance.  When strong distinctions are equalized you can release excessive judgments.  This lets you express genuine compassion and understanding.

5.  Self Identity Clarifier:  The Self-Identity clarifier brings you to your center.  It lets you calmly observe false images of self as they surface and release.  This gives you the chance to re-affirm your positive identity as you resonate deeply with your true core self.  This helps you release ancient negative imprints, negative implants and negative thought-forms.  You easily re-define yourself as a positive, confident, happy and abundant being.

6.  Internal Gyroscope:  Stabilizes your Internal energies by bringing alignment to your subtle bodies.  This gives you the quiet stable confidence that helps you transcend barriers and limitations.  It creates healthy boundaries from negative influences and may help reduce insecure energies.

7.  Divine Infinity Sign aligns your aura with the center of your body.  It also aligns the center of your body with the divine energy of the universe.  This inner divine connection helps you release feelings of confusion, separation and limitation.  Your unified energy helps you function at a higher more efficient level so that you express your potential more easily.

8.  Light of Truth provides you with a buffer that protects you from other people preoccupations worries and energies.  Within this “bubble of clarity” you discover your inner wisdom also known as the “still small voice within” You are more resourceful than you have realized.  You have access to both logic and intuition ~ you know more than you have imagined.  This understanding lets you be either decisive or philosophical (or both) according to the situation.

9.  Multi-Dimensional Integration re-aligns your body, emotions, mind and soul.  This brings separated aspects of your self (soul fragments) into the present moment and smoothly weaves them together..uniting your  future positive potential with the present moment and helps heal old patterns as well.

10.  Joyous Release cleanses and re-charges the meridians (energy pathways running throughout the body, with openings at the finger-tips).  You may sense old thoughts and feelings releasing from the fingers or you may simply feel more balances.

11.  Womb Memory evokes simple primal gentle body awareness.  It has a meditative ancient and basic quality.  Womb memory accesses your connection with the universe yet in a stable body-centered way.  Safety security simplicity and nurturing are key words that describe this experience.

12.  Pulse of Creation Helps you discover the unity between your soul and the Universe.  As you gently bring your attention the core of your body Pulse of Creation helps you embody personal/universal oneness.

13.  Divine Unwind helps you access dreamy flowing yin energy.  This softens rigidly held positions in body and mind.  Negative fear-based resistance to life melts.  The long held tensions unwind and you are free to re-define yourself in accord with deeper understanding.

14.  The Soothing Zone brings calm comfortable stabilizing energy to the body heart mind and spirit.  Smooth nectar-texture energy gently melts downward in the body and encourages simple child like feelings of faith and trust.

15.  Life Essence Pulse encourages your streaming life energy to emerge from your inner core and flow through your body.  This helps you experience the joy of being alive in each moment.

16.  Peaceful Inspiration gently encourages inspiring upward flowing energy that builds confidence and creativity.  As the energy builds remain calmly centered in your body breathe slowly yet deeply and acknowledge your creativety with the universe.

17.  Divine Chord harmonizes the energies of your glands meridians chakras and soul.  This increases your receptivity for the highest good.  It helps your energy meridians receive your positive potential.

18.  I Release and I Receive helps your cultivate life’s dynamic yin and yang energies.  When you place all five finger tips of one hand on the plate you release stale energy to the universe while your opposite hand receives fresh new energy.

Also Included:

Spinal Column  Meditation
Integration & Manifestations Meditation
Stabilize Your Energy in challenging Situations
Re-Pattern Stuck Energy
Meridian/Chakra/Aura Sweep
Chakra cleansing & Re-Patterning

powerforms neutral space plate booklet
powerforms neutral space plate

Neutral Space Plate

Your Personal Energy Tool for Transformation User Guide

The neutral space plate helps you have direct experiences that activate deeper wisdom.  bypass years of conventional learning with the precision-tuned miracle of cosmic technology.  The Neutral Space Plate helps you access essential qualities in these vibrantly evolving modern times:  Wise Neutrality ~ Present Moment Awareness ~ Personal Truth ~ Universal Truth ~ Clarity ~ Divine Peace ~ & Spiritual Attunement~

The Neutral Space Plate transmutes negative energy-patterns trapped in you energy-body that confine, limit or distort your true self.  As you release the energy distortions, you are freed to align with your essential truth.  You can use the alignment to deepen your meditation, to enhance creativity or as a relaxing way to nurture yourself.

Featuring exquisitely tuned harmonic-geometric copper antennas, the Neutral-Space Plate gently and effectively protects you from unbalanced energies, and helps you cultivate Divine Order (the deeper balanced energy of the universe).  This helps you align with your Devine Truth.  It activates your soul’s higher potential, so that you can comfortably and elegantly express your soul’s truth in your life.  The Neutral-Space Plate is ready to serve your spiritual needs for clarity, integrity, alignment and truth during our plant’s rapidly quickening spiritual evolution.

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Super Charge Your Neutral Space Plate Experience

In this audio class Joel Bruce Wallach walks you through each of the Neutral Space Plate 34 exercises.  Learn the when, how and why to do each exercise and what kind of experience to expect. Joel shares with you his personal direction, ideas and  experiences on how to make your Neutral Space experience more  powerful

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powerforms carry bag

Powerforms Velvet Carry Bag

These beautiful purple velvet bags are great for caring your Powerforms disks .  The divided insert allows you to carry 5 disks keeping them safe from scratching.  5.5″ x 7.75″

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Powerforms intro dvd

Powerform Instruction DVD’s

Introduction to Powerforms
Subtle Energy tools
by Joel Bruce Wallach

*Where Powerforms Come From
*Shape + Material = Effect
*Initial Reactions
*Ease of Use
*Your Experience
*Tools for Modern Time

Introduction to Powerforms is a comprehensive description of the Powerform products. You will learn about how these amazing products came into being. You will learn about the importance of shape & material, initial reactions to when using them yourself. It also includes information on using the disks for long distance work and children. These are state of the art tools for modern times.  Approx 1.5 hour

   Price:  $29.97

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Special Price: $7.97 Only Available with a an order of the Activator Disk Listed Above.

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