The Portal Plate

Powerforms Creator Joel Wallach talks about the Why and How of the Portal Plate click here to listen to this free audio

These are just some of the things you can do with the Portal Plate:

Powerforms Portal Plate

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  • Cleanse and activate your energy centers,
  • Room Healing activate and cleanse the life-energy in a room,
  • Create Sacred Space,
  • Vibrational Transformation,
  • Manifest your dreams,
  • Create a higher quality life for everyone.
Powerforms Portal Plate booklet
Powerforms Portal Plate - yang side
Powerforms Portal Plate - yin side

Portal Plate

“With the amazing Portal we can access our higher potential & transform our life!”

The Portal is an interactive subtle-energy device that helps us quiet our mind so we can access the spiritual reality of our Higher Self.  This helps us manifest our dreams and create a higher quality of life for everyone.

The Portal is an intelligent filter that transmutes vibrational chaos, so we can sense beyond the noise & clutter of our modern world.  This helps us contact our essential wisdom….. the “still small voice” of our inner truth.

The Portal helps create a safe-space for meditation and helps us realize what ancient wisdom has proclaimed:  “The universe is within us all.” & “All is one.”  This disk comes with an illustrated guidebook

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Super Charge Your Portal Plate Experience

In this audio class Joel Bruce Wallach walks you through each of the Portal 18 exercises.  Learn the when, how and why to do each exercise and what kind of experience to expect. Joel shares with you his personal direction, ideas and  experiences on how to make your Portal experience more  powerful

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Powerforms carry bag

Powerforms Velvet Carry Bag

These beautiful purple velvet bags are great for caring your Powerforms disks .  The divided insert allows you to carry 5 disks keeping them safe from scratching.  5.5″ x 7.75″

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Powerforms intro dvd

Powerform Instruction DVD’s

Introduction to Powerforms
Subtle Energy tools
by Joel Bruce Wallach

*Where Powerforms Come From
*Shape + Material = Effect
*Initial Reactions
*Ease of Use
*Your Experience
*Tools for Modern Time

Introduction to Powerforms is a comprehensive description of the Powerform products. You will learn about how these amazing products came into being. You will learn about the importance of shape & material, initial reactions to when using them yourself. It also includes information on using the disks for long distance work and children. These are state of the art tools for modern times.  Approx 1.5 hour

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Special Price: $7.97 Only Available with a an order of the Activator Disk Listed Above.

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