Center Amidst the Storm

Center Amidst The Storm

Center Amidst The Storm

Be the center amidst the storm.  Look outwards, and you will find much that pulls you off your center– or you can learn how to find your safe centered place within that sustains you. Problems distract your attention, so that you forget your wisdom within. Here is a way to bring your energy back to center for peace of mind, calmness of mood, and access to spiritual wisdom. . .

Hold one of your oval Powerforms in your hands, with your fingertips underneath, and your thumbs on top, as if you were holding a tray. Place your thumb tips on the two forms in the center of the two circles. For details, see Figure 1 in the Cell Balancer book, Figure 2 in the Neutral Space book, or the Polarity Zones in the Portal book. These thumb placement areas energetically unite your left and right brain, balance your left and right sides of your body, and basically bring your attention back to your core.

These finger positions will help you release from the outer distractions of the world, so that you can re-make your world with your own decisive, centered choices. These methods help you empower yourself by remaining conscious and present. This is not denial or avoidance. Rather, it is a way to be present with all your strength and wisdom available to you. Here is how to utilize this technique for even greater effectiveness:

As you hold the finger positions, notice your energy returning to your body, and Notice Your Breathing. This unites your conscious and sub-conscious mind, so that you can choose your state of consciousness. Breathe easily and mindfully. If your breathing is tight, be kind to yourself, and let your breathing become easier at its own pace.

As you hold the finger positions, gently sweep your awareness up and down your body. This includes all of your body in your awareness, so that all your aspects are participating with you, and not holding hidden tension that would undermine you. If you notice tension, bless it. It will shift as you practice these methods.

As you hold the finger positions, and notice your energy balancing in your body, look around you, and see the world with this fresh awareness. You will notice details you had not noticed before, and will become aware of sounds and energies in your environment. Notice them, and gently explore them, as if you were seeing them for the first time.

Deeper self healing: As you hold the finger positions, and let your energy return to you, let yourself experience a situation that concerns you. However, now you are gently examining it in a new way, because you are centered, mindful, and connected to your inner resources. As you notice this situation in your life, gently let your attention sweep up and down your body. This is a new way to explore a situation, because it is without worry, and open to new possibilities. As your attention slowly sweeps up and down your body, the deeper tension may vibrate your body as the tension works its way out of your body. It may seem to be releasing out of your feet.

Deeper self healing 2: As you hold the finger positions, notice where there is still any tension in your body. Imagine the tension areas moving towards your hands. The tension energy will flow through the Powerform, and become transmuted into a smoother energy. You may experience some mild body movements as you do this. Each time the tension transmutes, you are free to explore the next layer of tension. Take your time, and notice how you can learn how to have new responses to situations. Do not judge yourself for having tensions. Just let them flow and release.

Deeper self healing with universal energy: As you hold the finger positions, notice the space on the Powerform between your thumb tips. Imagine universal energy there, and let if flow through your fingers, up your arms, and into your body. Feel the interaction between the energy in your body, and the universal energy. As the moments go by, you may have the realization that you and the universal energy are one. This gives you a new sense of your situation, and unites you with the positive possibilities that you may not have noticed before.

Affirmations: Say these either aloud or silently as you hold your thumbs on the Powerform:

1.  I have the wisdom I need regarding this situation: ____________.

2.  I open to new opportunities in this moment

3.  I remember my true universal essence.

4.  My eternal self radiates through my spine.

5.  My body aligns with the center of the universe.

May your heart, mind, and soul unite to bring you heaven on earth in each moment, and may your presence be a blessing to all!