Clear Tension Energy From Arms, Wrists and Hands

Clear Tension Energy

Clear Tension Energy

Clear Tension Energy from your arms, wrists and hands.  When you write with a pen, type at a computer, or lift packages, you may find tension building up in your arms, wrists, and hands. This happens because you haven’t released the energy that can become trapped in the body from these activities. And the tension affects you in other ways too. . .

When the trapped energy does not release from your hands and arms, it could build up in the shoulders, neck, and head. This could affect your mood and thoughts, as well as your overall level of body comfort. Here is how you can easily clear the trapped tension-energy from your arms, wrists, and hands:

Hold one of your Powerforms in your right hand, and sweep it from your left shoulder, down your left arm, through your left wrist, and all the way out past your fingertips. Sweep past the fingertips to thoroughly release the stagnant energy. Actually imagine that the Powerform is moving directly through the flesh of your body. This helps you find and release the stagnant energy more easily. Hold the Powerform with the edge of the plate facing your arm. You may also try holding the Powerform with the face of the plate facing your arm.

As you sweep down the arm, you can explore these sweeping styles to really release the trapped energy:

– A slow series of sweeps, from the shoulders all the way down and past the fingertips. In this style of sweep, you don’t backtrack your sweeping motion– all the sweeps go from shoulder to past the fingertips in a big smooth sweep. This is good for general clearing.

– Sweep in little back-and-forth movements, gradually working your way down the arm and out of the fingertips. This is good for finding and releasing little tension spots.

– The laser approach: Use little back-and-forth movements on areas that seem energetically stuck. This often happens at the wrists, but could occur anywhere along the arm. You will sense the energy releasing as you work. Let the layers release gradually Be patient. You may clear some energy today, and then a little more each day. Be kind to yourself.

– The complete rejuvenating sweep: After sweeping down and out the fingertips, sweep back into the fingertips, up the arm, and into the body. Imagine that you are sweeping divine universal energy into the body. Repeat this, sweeping outwards and then inwards, several times.

Now that you’ve cleansed one side of the body, please do the same for the other side of the body. Actually, it doesn’t matter which side you start with. You do want to work with both sides of the body, however, even if it seems that one side has more tension. This is because your body is a system, and balancing both left and right gives you the best results.

As you experience the sweeps, you may also find energy releasing from other parts of your body. This is normal and expected. You are releasing energy from nerves, meridians, and acupuncture points, and they connect through the entire body. You may feel your senses awakening to the tingling vitality of life energy. You may feel more connected with your emotions, thoughts, and body awareness. You can achieve a wonderful inner transformation just by clearing your energy blocks and awakening to your oneness with all of life.

If you still feel some trapped energy needing to release, try this simple experiment when you’re sitting at work: Place your Powerform either on your desk, or on your lap, and place one of your hands on it. Or, if needed, rest your wrist on the plate. This will help any energy still trapped in the body gradually release. This position can be very calming as well, because you are receiving the balancing energies of the Powerform in the energy centers and acu points in your hands and wrists.

Affirmations: With Powerform placed between palms, with hands in prayer position, let yourself repeat these affirmations as a mini-meditation that unites you with your higher self:

 1.  I release yesterday– today is a fresh new day.

2.  I relax into the divine power of this moment.

3.  I let the blessings from my future easily flow through my body and mind.

4.  I breathe into the vital energy of this moment.

5.  All the parts of my body are joyfully connected.

Now that you are letting go of stale energy, you are free to receive your good. See it, feel it, and breathe it in. Thank you for your contribution to the greater good, for when you are in the flow, you help create heaven on earth!