Happy Tummy

Happy Tummy

Happy Tummy

Happy Tummy, how do worried thoughts affect how your body feels? There is a feedback loop between your mind and your emotions, and it is in your abdomen. When you worry, the thoughts are especially felt in the solar plexus. This is the area from the navel up to the lower tip of the breastbone, and it is a powerful receiving station for your thoughts– and thoughts belonging to other people as well.

When your solar plexus receives the worries, it generates strong emotions. These build up in the solar plexus area, and transmit chaotic energies through the body, and back to the mind. This is the reason I call it a feedback loop. The thoughts generate feelings, which generate more thoughts, accelerating in a tense loop of awareness. Here is a simple way that you can shift this negative loop, and regain your sense of proportion and balance, along with your higher self connection.

Place your Powerform on your solar plexus. You can use any of the Powerforms to balance yourself, but the Neutral Space Plate is best suited to this balancing technique. It does work through clothing, because it works on the energetic level, and so it doesn’t need to touch the skin. Let the Powerform do its work on your subtle energy for several minutes. Generally you feel more stable within minutes, although, of course, results vary according to your situation.

Note: You may get results placing the Plate on your navel, though most people center the Powerform on their solar plexus, just above the navel area.

For best results, create a complete energy circuit by placing one or both hands on the Powerform. This creates a balancing battery of energy between your body, the Powerform, and your hands. As you let your energy stabilize, you can notice the subtle shifts in your awareness. It becomes easier to notice your body, your breathing, the details of your environment in the room, and even your thoughts. You are now becoming more aware of your thoughts, and this mindful state is important to your equilibrium. As you become more balanced in your tummy, your thoughts become smoother, and you can choose new, effective thoughts more easily.

Optional balancing: As you become calmer, you may now be ready to really release the upset that concerned you. Here is how: With your Powerform on your solar plexus, gently think about the matter of concern. At first, this may bring stress to the surface, and you may feel it more strongly for a moment. However, now you are in a place of empowerment, because as the tension surfaces, your Powerform is smoothing your solar plexus energy. You may feel nervous energy shaking through your body as you do this. Know that you are ok, and just let the energy vibrate through your body.

As you notice the matter that had concerned you, you notice that you can look at it more calmly, and you notice that your body is more calm as well. To complete this process, continue holding your Powerform on your solar plexus as you say the following affirmations, either aloud or silently to yourself.

Affirmations, with Powerform placed on solar plexus:

1.  I am more resourceful than I had realized.

2.  There is more support for me than I had realized.

3.  My empowered self lovingly shares calmness with me now.

4.  I feel time expand, and I think clearly and easily now.

5.  I am more safe and blessed than I had realized.

When you have proven how easily you can access your happy tummy awareness, you will enjoy sharing the method with family, friends, and co-workers so they can have a happy tummy too.