Healing Energies

Healing the Energies

Healing the Energies

Healing Energies what you feel today contains residual energy from yesterday. Events, emotions, thoughts, and energies from people and situations may still be affecting you. If you could shift and transmute these energies, you could more easily utilize the wisdom of your higher self today. Just as feng shui unclutters your house, you can energetically learn to unclutter your personal energies. Today we’ll explore clearing the cluttered energy from yesterday, and from last week as well. . .

You can access your influences from yesterday by imagining a horizontal line that represents time– your timeline. Imagine your timeline divided in little sections, like a ruler. You could divide it into day, weeks, months, or years. Trust your imagination, and imagine a point on your timeline that represents Today, and just to the left of that area on the timeline is the section that represents Yesterday. Let’s work with clearing the energy from the day before– the last 24 hours.

Hold your Portal, or any other Powerform plate in your hand, and gently sweep it through the Yesterday section of your timeline.  Gently move the plate back and forth on the timeline, and you will sense little blocks of energy surfacing and releasing. These are the cluttered emotions, thoughts, and upsets that accumulate in your timeline. Of course, if you had any particular incidents of concern during that time, you can sweep through those incidents in your timeline, and release those energies. Though it may seem that you are imagining this, realize that energy really does accumulate– in your timeline, in your house, in your body, and in every aspect of your life.
Now tune into your timeline and notice the section representing the previous 7 days. Sweep your Powerform gently through this part of your timeline, and notice that the energy blocks become smoother and lighter as you sweep through the timeline. And as you do this, you will likely feel smoother and lighter yourself.

Now you are ready to sweep blessings into your timeline.Use your Powerform to sweep universal blessings into the previous 7 days in your timeline. Trust your imagination as you do this, for you are learning how to utilize your imagination as an empowering, integral part of your life. Imagine the blessings as sparkling light, as waves of love, or in any way that feels real to you.

To complete, sweep through your past 7 days, and into the present, and into your future timeline. Sweep back and forth: Past, present, future, and back again. Back and forth. When you become familiar with this practice, you can really feel your timeline as a living conscious presence. You are interacting with your world, and becoming empowered, as you were always meant to– as a conscious co-creator with the universal intelligence.


Sit comfortably, hands in prayer position, with your Powerform between your palms, and feel these affirmations resonating within your body and mind:

1.  Divine blessings extend into my past, present, and future.

2.  My energy is where it belongs– focused easily in the present moment.

3.  My body, mind, and soul are integrated now in present time.

4.  I am divinely permitted to erase my past, and to create my optimum reality.

Welcome to your bright and majestically centered present moment. May your radiant energies bring peace and empowerment to all!