Mental Windshield For Clarity

Mental Windshield For Clarity

Mental Windshield For Clarity

Mental Windshield For Clarity you’ve been busy today, and you need to clear your head. Time for some aura cleansing so you can access your true self– your Higher Self–more easily. Your third eye in your forehead is your mental link to deeper knowing. However, when you are preoccupied with details from your day, with energy from other people, and noise and bustle from the world, your third eye becomes confused– and so do you. A quick solution. . .

Hold your Activator Disk in one hand, and place it out in front of your forehead. Now slowly bring it towards your forehead, actually touching the forehead. Then slowly draw it away from you. This is one pulse. Do slow pulsing towards and away from your third eye. Each time you do this, you may notice a small shudder running through your body, because you are releasing stuck energy that is releasing. As you continue with this, you start noticing remaining energy blocks. As you pulse your Activator, imagine it gently moving through the blocks, dissolving them.

Now integrate your third eye, by pulsing your Neutral Space Plate in the same way. Gently pulse your Neutral Space Place towards and away from your third eye. This calms, strengthens, and integrates your third eye, and helps your fore brain experience the smooth balanced energy you have been wanting.

Programming for excellence

Now lightly hold your Neutral Space Plate on your forehead. This stabilizes your brain and third eye so that you can integrate your pulsing work. As you integrate, affirm balance, well-being, and abundance for yourself. . .

I breathe in abundance with every breath.

I breathe in wellness with every breath.

I am in alignment with my divine higher self with every breath.

To conclude your practice, hold one of your Powerforms between your palms, prayer position style, and let your life-energy flow through your arms, through your Powerform, and back into your body. Notice how your balanced third eye energy is now in sync with your body, your body is in sync with your mind, and you are in sync with the universe.

Welcome to this delightful moment of clarity and empowerment. May your aligned presence be a blessing for all you meet!