Relaxed Neck Techniques

Relax Neck Technique

Relax Neck Technique

Relaxed Neck Techniques.  Your relaxed neck creates a nice energy flow between your head– the realm of thoughts, and your body– the realm of sensations. When the energy is stuck in the head, the thoughts may become intense, as if your head were a pressure-cooker. When the body energy becomes stuck, the wisdom in the head can not help the body. Body-mind integration helps you feel better in body, emotions, mind, and soul.

With a Powerform in one hand, or a Powerform in each hand, sweep the energy up and down your neck. Imagine that the Powerform is actually sweeping through your neck, as well as sweeping outside of your neck. Sweep both upwards and downwards. Sweep the energy all the way out the top of the head, and all the way out of the feet.

Sweep slowly and gently through the bones of the neck. Sweep through the muscles and nerves. You don’t need a deep knowledge of anatomy to do this. Just feel into the bones, muscles, and nerves, and gently sweep through them. If you find stuck energy, work slowly and mindfully there, as you gently sweep through the blocks. Congratulate yourself each time you release a little tension, because energy blocks release bit by bit, and not all at once.

If the sweeping seems too stimulating, then sweep very gently and slowly, so that you soothe your neck. Maintain a caring and loving attitude, as if you were working with your best friend– your own self. If you have been judging yourself harshly, please explore a kind and helpful attitude when you speak to yourself as you do your neck sweeping.

Pulsing is different from sweeping: Hold the Powerform facing your neck, and gently pulse it towards the neck, and then away from the neck, pulsing forwards and backwards. Pulse slowly and mindfully to help dislodge stuck energy. When you pulse, actually imagine that as you approach the neck, the Powerform goes inside of the body, so that you can cleanse the energy there.

Effective ways to help your neck with sweeping and pulsing:

1. Pulse and sweep in front of your neck, to work with the front opening of the throat chakra.

2. Pulse and sweep at the back of the neck, to work with the back opening of the throat chakra. Be aware that this location is where you find energy belonging to other people– think of the phrase: he/she is a pain in the neck.

3. Pulse and sweep along the side of your neck. This generally unrecognized area helps clear the energy flow to your ears, shoulders, arms and sides of the body. You will notice amazing releases when you clear this area.

You can do these neck clearing techniques for yourself, or for a friend, family member, or co-worker. They can be sitting or lying down while you work. Hint: When you are working, imagine that their body is made of energy, so that you can sweep outside of their body, or inside of their body. Just imagine that you are sweeping the Powerform inside of their body, and you will begin to sense the energy blocks that are there. As you sweep through them, you will sense the blocks gradually dissolving.

If you sense any tension or resistance as the energy releases, then work much more slowly. Take your time, and help the energies gradually release out of the body. Move the Powerforms in slow motion. To stabilize the work, you can place the Powerform directly on the neck after the clearing work. Let the person place their hands on the Powerform, to hold it in place on their neck as their energy stabilizes.

You may wish to repeat the affirmations listed below as you sweep and pulse, either out loud or silently. The affirmations integrate into the body-mind-soul as you work, and actually make the work more effective. Explore saying the affirmations as I, and as You– for example, I breathe, compared to You breathe. Each way of starting the affirmation has its own unique benefit, and each is valuable.

Affirmations: With Powerform placed between palms, with hands in prayer position, let yourself repeat these affirmations as a mini-meditation that unites you with your higher self. Or you can repeat these as you are sweeping and pulsing:

1.  I breathe in safety and balance in each moment.

2.  I relax as I let my emotions flow through me easily.

3.  I let past tensions release away and dissolve like a cloud.

4.  I recognize how grateful I am.

5.  I am alive, I am breathing, I am safe, I am loved, and life is good.

Now that you have a nice energy flow through your neck, you can enjoy the balanced sparkling feeling when your body and head are working together more easily. May your balanced presence bring peace and good energy to everyone you meet today!