Super Focus With Finger Power

Super Focus

Super Focus

Super Focus With Finger Power  You have the power to re-circulate your body energy through your fingertips, and this focuses your attention. You are familiar with the finger position, or mudra, in which you touch your index finger tip in one hand to your thumb tip in that same hand. You’ve seen this position in statues, in pictures of meditating saints, and you’ve probably utilized it yourself. When you meditate or concentrate your attention with this finger position, your energy re-circulates in your body so that your attention is protected from outer chaos. Here is how the Powerforms can help you focus or meditate even more efficiently. . .

Hold a smaller Powerform, such as the Activator Disk, or the Star Shield, between your thumb tip and your index finger tip. You can rest that hand in your lap, if you like. The Powerform will help the energy re-circulating through your hand flow easily. The Powerform will help transmute chaotic energy quickly as it flows through the Powerform. Your focus deepens, because the Powerform helps you find your true energy more easily. This becomes especially important when the energy around you is busy or chaotic. This wouldn’t be so necessary if you were surrounded by nature, yet even then this technique would be valuable, because amidst the silence of nature, your spiritual discoveries can have special power.

As the energy re-circulates, let any body tension flow through your hand, and through the Powerform, so that the tension can transmute into positive energy. With your attention, track the re-circulating energy in your body, and notice that it is flowing more easily and thoroughly now. Energy tracking is important, because it links your body and mind, and this leads you to an important discovery: Your mind and body are both expressions of the same thing– your true Self. United body-mind focus helps you function more efficiently, of course, and focus actually has a spiritual purpose as well. Focus unites body, mind, and soul into a unified whole, and this helps you manifest your Higher Self in your life.

Explore your finger focus now with each of your fingers. Here’s how. . . You have experienced the connection between your thumb and your index finger. Now, explore the connection between your thumb and your middle finger, your thumb and your ring finger, and your thumb and your little finger. Each connection unites different meridians, or energy pathways, and each provides a special flavor of focus energy. Let yourself discover how each finger position feels, so that you can provide yourself with a full focus treatment anytime.

For a deeper focusing experience, you can hold a small Powerform in each hand, so that you can experience wonderful streams of energy flowing in your body and mind. It’s ok to use the same type of Powerform in each hand, such as an Activator in each hand, or you can use different plates, such as an Activator in one hand, and a Star Shield in the other hand. It’s also ok to use combinations of finger connections: For example, thumb to index finger in the left hand, and thumb to ring finger in the right hand. Explore the many combinations, and let yourself discover how easy it is to release chaos, and bring your attention back to a centered, focused, empowered place. This is true inner transformation.


Sit comfortably, hands in prayer position, with your Powerform between your palms, and feel these affirmations resonating within your body and mind:

1.  I let myself focus with grace and ease.

2.  I am allowed to feel focused and expansive at the same time.

3.  I let myself focus while I am in my creative flow.

4.  I am alive, I am free, and I am focused.

Welcome to your ability to know the infinite possibilities in a grounded, focused way. Welcome to your moment of power. Welcome to your focused, expansive infinite self.