Thumbs Up For Inner Transformation

Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up For Inner Transformation your thumbs are connected to your inner self and linked to your brain, and your thumbs are powerful tools for discovering your deep center.  When a person is un-centered, they “twiddle” their thumbs aimlessly. When your thumbs are placed tip-to-tip, you become more focused and balanced. Here is how to access your centered mind, and align with your centered self, with a super-charged thumb centering experience. . .

Place one of your thumb tips on the center shape on one side of a Powerform plate, and place your other thumb tip on the opposite side, also on the center shape of the Powerform. The two thumbs are aligned with each other, with the Powerform in-between. It is similar to prayer position, except only your thumb tips are touching the Powerform. All the energies in the Powerform are now available to you, via your centered thumbs.

When you have a situation that troubles you, and you need to find the center of the cyclone, so to speak, your thumbs will help you. The Powerform will help you go to a deep centered place where you can find your higher self, feel your truth, and stabilize amidst the cyclones of daily life. This is because the calm energy in your Powerform-balanced thumbs goes right into your mind and body, so that you can get a new outlook on any situation in your life.

To really benefit from this method, think of any situation in your life while you do this technique. Bring your attention to the space between your thumbs, and you’ll notice your reactions becoming smoother. Now notice your mind. Your balanced energy is starting to stabilize your mind so that you can address anything happening with renewed clarity and insights. You may even find that it becomes seemingly difficult to remember what the problem was all about. This is actually a good thing, because you are now putting the situation in correct proportion.

Now bring your attention within yourself, and imagine your divine center within you. You are still holding your thumbs on the Powerform, and ready to reacquaint yourself with your true self– your higher self. Speak with your higher self, and have a little meditation between your personality and your higher self. Ask your higher self any questions you may have, and let your inner wisdom share with you.


Sit comfortably, thumbs on your Powerform, and feel these affirmations resonating within your body and mind:

1.  My energy vibrations return to center.

2.  I am permitted to look at this situation in a completely new way.

3.  My center is at peace, no matter what is going on around me.

4.  My deep self knows more than I had realized.

Now that you’ve put your thumb on how to get centered amidst chaos, you can enjoy the creative possibilities of deep centering whenever the need arises.