Powerform Testimonials

Powerforms Portal PlateI carry Powerforms with me all the time, in my purse, or if I need an extra boost, on my body. Powerforms feel like a dear friend, helping me integrate my personal, professional, and spiritual life. I find I have greater focus, continuity, and cohesiveness in my daily activities, more aliveness, and creativity as well. Powerforms are my “silent, yet active, partners” working to help me balance who I am with who I am becoming.  Pamela-Jean, artist

I discovered that when sitting in meditation, with my thumbs over the two circles of the Portal or Balancer, and the remainder of the fingers positioned underneath, I could then receive information about my subtle energy, and I could perceive which treatment was needed.  I have also found that an opening will happen on a higher dimension when sitting with the Portal as described above. This contact accesses higher wisdom that helps me to see more clearly and be aware of a direction I can take to produce forward movement in my life.  When using the Portal when conducting sessions with others, I have placed it on the floor under the chair I was sitting in. This has produced an interesting result of connecting me to higher dimensional intelligence. At  another time I placed my fingers on the Polarity zones of the Portal while invoking the Light to help my client and felt a distinct higher energy moving outward to produce the result the individual needed.  I have also found there are times when I have been able to let go of  restrictions in the mental or emotional body: by becoming aware of the  restriction while holding the Portal or Balancer, and becoming willing to release the limitation. When the problem releases it feels a little like a balloon has popped, or an attachment has lifted off, and the awareness of  release is immediate.    Salura, Spiritual Teacher
For meditation, I combine the Portal with the Balancer. I sit on the Balancer, and hold the Portal between my palms.The Portal has a quality of “innocence” and “lightness” while it is helping me.I hold the Portal facing me, vertically. My eyes trace along the forms. The forms become seemingly “animated” and my attention becomes directed within me towards needed answers to my questions. The energies in the Portal seem to change in accord with the answer I¹m receiving, ie: happy, sad, etc. The forms seem to take on these qualities as a means of helping me understand the answers and insights. The forms seem to “come alive” and work together to send the appropriate message to me.   Tasi P., Children¹s Software Developer
 powerforms neutral space plate bookletA client needed clearing for their new store-front retail space. I used two Portals, one in each hand. I went to each corner of each of the rooms, and swirled my hands in a spiral manner. Both of the hands were swirling simultaneously. The old energies transmuted quickly, and the Portals helped generate a vibrant conscious quality in the store. (This could also be accomplished with two Balancers, or one Balancer and one Portal.)   Amanda H., shop owner, subtle essences creator
I frequently fan myself with the Portal or the Balancer. It seems to make my aura stronger. I will sometimes fan over my different chakra areas to get things going. I am able to energize or calm down certain feeling-patterns, or expand certain positive energies.
I hold the Portal or Balancer with my thumbs on the two circles and meditate or focus on it. It helps stabilize me when I am pre-occupied.  When I go to work at parties I either put it in a vest pocket or back  pocket. The Powerforms enable me to work through the vibrations of a corporate party with greater ease.  When I want to energize my dream life, I put it under my pillow. It really helps ­ it seems to be a dream catalyst.   Spencer G., Astrologer, Counselor, Author
I have used the Powerforms intensively in meditation for transmutation and to solve many of my problems. I found it extremely useful to give up that worrying energy and the fear of failure. Of course, I have been acquainted with praying and releasing the problem with rituals, etc. I admit that the worrying was stronger than any of my rituals, and the worry would come back as soon as I was unaware. With the Oowerforms I effectively have the feeling that I am giving up the problem.  I was able to accomplish some tasks which seemed difficult. I moved the energy of these goals through the Portal and was able to manifest them more easily. A chain of events and helpful people appeared, as if the way had been made clear.   With I meditate on a healing energy column extending from the Portal, I have become inspired by a reservoir of ideas and images ­ not necessarily during the meditation itself, but at times throughout the day. I feel the Portal has helped me transcend the limited ego.   Aurelienne D., AuraSoma shop owner, Spiritual Teacher
The Portal seems to generate the ability to see clearly on a multi-dimensional level. It enhances the meditative state. I find it easier to let go of thought and enter a no-time-space awareness. If I am looking for communication with my higher self, the Portal lessens the journey time.   Denise N., L.Ac., Teacher
I have using the Portal for aura reading. It helps me receive accurate answers quickly.   Agnes G., Healer, Therapist
I was taking a nap and as an experiment I put the Portal on my forehead, with the Balancer behind my head. I had the most  wonderful and beautiful energy flow through my body and I felt so good. I felt it pass through my body several times. I have come to think of the disks as some of my most prized possessions and value them very highly.   Barbara L., designer / layout
soul activator bookletI placed the Activator on each of my chakras (about 5 minutes each).  Clearing started immediately. I felt lighter and clearer, as though some heaviness had been lifted out of my aura.   Esther R., massage practitioner
I had my golfing partners put the Activator in their left shoe. They found, to their surprise, that they could drive the ball farther. Also, I found that when I put the Activator on the floor under my left shoe at work, I felt more alert and energized.   Tony C., feng shui teacher
When I held the Activator with the thumbs and forefingers on the triangular shapes for 5 minutes, I felt the Activator clearing and balancing the subtle energy fields of the aura, while addressing cellular balance at the same time.   Renee M., artist
 I suggest that practitioners explore holding one of the Powerforms above the body of their clients and use it like a crystal ball to perceive deeper information and insights. ­ The Powerforms can give you a “jump” in your clairvoyant training.  ­ The Powerforms automatically release energetic debris from sessions and  sends it to other dimensional “recycling plants,” especially with intent added.
­ Request technique: Layer a Balancer on the bottom, the Portal in the middle, and an Activator on top. Place your written request between the Portal and the Activator.  Assorted Comments by various practitioners Sitting in the Ascension Chamber after work clears the day¹s “stuff” quickly. (The “ascension chamber” is a three-sided energy form created by placing the Activator Disk, Balancer, and Portal on three little easels.) They face inwards towards the person sitting in the middle of the ascension chamber, creating a clear space for meditation, healing, and subtle awareness.   Katherine T., Healer, Writer
I have placed the Powerforms under my meditation pillow, and quickly entered the desired state. It was easier for the state to “be there.” It felt lighter and more expansive. The Powerforms alter “denseness” and cut through the normal 3-D awareness.   Elise S. Yoga Teacher
I hold the Powerforms during meditation to help generate depth of focus.   Suki A., Visualization Teacher
I lie down on my back, with my left hand placed on the Balancer, and right hand placed on the Portal. This creates a wonderful feeling of being well-balanced in the electro-magnetic field. After 3-5 minutes the balancing of the aura extents to further levels away from the body, and the aura becomes brighter. My inner sight becomes clearer, and I have easier contact with my guidance.
I placed a written request on the Portal or the Balancer, with a crystal placed over the request. Results are good, and insights emerge as well.   Gene P., Massage Therapist
Powewrforms Divine Essence Earth booklet

Powewrforms Divine Essence Earth booklet

Inspiration: I place my left hand on one of the Powerforms, gently rubbing it, and ask my guidance about a topic. A flow of words comes into my mind, which I write down. Once I start writing, I place the Powerform on the table near me, and the flow continues.

Meditation: Hold one of the Powerforms between the hands like a prayer. Hold onto a seed-thought in your mind. The thought unravels itself like a kaleidoscope. You can feel it, sense it, think it, and gain an awareness of it within your being.
Programming water: A glass of water is placed on one of the Powerforms, and you form a positive intent in your mind, such as: This water holds the vibrations for healing of such-and-such an area of the body.” I give a clockwise impulse to a pendulum and let it spin above the water until the water is loaded with the intent, as indicated by the pendulum. As I do this, I focus on the center of the Powerform under the glass.
Breathing positive energies: Focus on the center of the Powerform and breathe in the quality of mind that you would like. The results are even stronger when the Portal is placed over the Balancer, like a sandwich.   Mitch L., computer programmer, meditation teacher
It is easier to do long-distance work with the assistance of the Portals.  There is less psychic interference and “noise.” We place the Portal on a small table or riser ­ this gets better results than when the Portal is on the floor. We use intent to activate the healing beam extending from the Portal. The beam is tuned to the needs of the session, so that old patterns can be transmuted and shifted quickly and easily. At times we gently move the Portal through the client¹s aura to transmute stuck patterns.  After a session, we use the Portal Plate and Activator Disk to create a  blessing device for our client. This helps them integrate the results of the session.
The Portal is placed on a table, with a small written healing affirmation for the client on the center of the Portal. An Activator Disk is placed over the healing affirmation ­ it activates the positive intent.  Then, we set up a vertical healing beam extending from the Portal, which maintains the healing/integrating energy of the affirmation. Our intuition defines the length of time that the beam will be intended to function ­ several hours, over night, etc.   Glen M. & Renee F., healers, inventors, teachers

I use the combined energies of the Portal, Balancer, and Activator Disk to clear subtle-energy blockages in my spine, and manifest harmony between my body, mind, and spirit.  I lie on my back, with the Balancer under the lower spine, the Portal under  the upper back, and the Activator over the solar plexus. The quality of restful meditation obtained is very deep, and the energy blockages seem to melt easily.  Example of other placements: Activator at the base of the spine, and Balancer under the neck or back of head, and Portal on heart, etc.

When I¹m sitting at the computer, I sit on an Activator to create clarity in my head. I can work longer, with comfortable energy flow in my whole body.  The ideas flow more spontaneously. Sometimes I sit on a Balancer if deeper relaxation is needed, or on a Portal for enhanced creative and spiritual insight.  Joel B. W., practitioner, teacher, inventor
Powerforms Super CellHaving begun my study of Feng Shui, I have found the Powerforms to work very well to correct energy imbalances in the room efficiently. (Place the Powerforms on a small easel in the zone of the room that needs lightening.)   David P., Reike practitioner
When my clients have discomfort resulting from energy blockages, I place the Powerforms over the problem area.   Clair D., metaphysical teacher
When I lie on my back with a Powerform behind my head, it helps my focus on my affirmations, visualizations, and ideas with greater clarity.   Susan B., hypnotherapist
I have experienced greater dream recall and precognition in my dreams using the Powerforms. The quality of my dreams has changed too — they are more like memories of waking events and their meaning is clearer. I will be doing something in waking life either at work or with friends, and I will remember an event or experience that brings greater meaning and understanding to the present circumstances. Then, I realize the memory is from one of my dreams.   Cindy, accountant
I use the Powerforms in my sessions with clients. I sit on one of the Powerforms, and I have found that I am more focused and receive deeper insights to accelerate the growth and transformation of my clients. On occasion, I sleep with one of the Powerforms under my pillow, and have found it helps to create a deep, extremely restful sleep.   James, therapist
Powerforms serenity star shieldI use my Powerforms at my office. I am surrounded by computers and laser printers. I sit within the beam of several Powerforms (place the Powerforms on small easels facing you to accomplish this). I find that I am less tired by the end of the day as well as more creative throughout the day. Since I have set up the Powerforms here, co-workers have mentioned that my office feels calmer and more peaceful. They sensed the change without knowing about the energy devices.   Michelle, Facilities Coordinator
I really enjoy the friendly positive qualities of the Powerforms. The Powerforms are like a friendly crystal. I find my dreams are more vivid when I sleep with one of the Powerforms close to my head.  Julie, Author/Publisher