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How to Choose the Right Feng Shui Mattress

Feng Shui is the thousands year old philosophy from the Orient.  It is a practice of object placement, decorating, and color choices to help direct the positive energies of a living and working space to best enhance the lives of the occupants.  Feng Shui can be used in every area of the home with special attention paid to factors like the Ba-Gua map and using specific consideration in life aspects that may need some attention.  It isn’t limited to just the interior of a home either.  It is common practice in Feng Shui to extend the practice to the entire property for the optimal results.  Since part of the objective of Feng Shui is to create balance and harmony, no one room takes precedence over the others.  However, focusing on the bedroom is a good place to start as this is the room where the most important rest and recovery of the day happens.  As such it is vital to choose a Feng Shui mattress that will provide the best night’s sleep.

One of the first things to consider when picking a Feng Shui mattress is the size.  A single person, who is planning to stay that way, can choose whatever size they like from a twin to a king sized mattress.  However those who are in a relationship or looking for one may want to be more specific.  The idea is to promote a feeling and energies that support having a partner.  Feng Shui practice is specific about choosing a mattress that doesn’t have two box springs.  This is thought to disrupt the positive energy flow and cause damage to your relationship.  Another thing to avoid when choosing the mattress is to not make it too large.  A large mattress, such as a king, limits intimacy and can put a strain on your relationship.   In the Feng Shui practice, nothing larger than a queen mattress should be used.

Many people especially those just starting out with a place of their own may be offered a used bed or mattress. Sleeping on a used mattress is very poor for the Feng Shui energy.  The thought behind this advice is that the old mattress will bring negative chi or at the least, someone’s energy besides your own.  While on the subject of used mattresses, it is also important to replace your mattress after a break up with an ex partner.  Keeping the old one is seen as a detriment to finding new happiness with a new lover.  Beyond these reasons for avoiding a used mattress, the Feng Shui philosophy suggests a used mattress could disturb the flow of your chi and your sleep won’t be as restful as it should be.  Be sure to choose new when deciding on a Feng Shui mattress.

The types of materials used in Feng Shui mattresses are important as well.  Many people automatically pick spring mattresses when they buy one new.  According to the Feng Shui philosophy this is not the best option.  The springs are made of metal and as such conduct electromagnetic fields.  The whole idea of Feng Shui is to promote a natural, constant flow of positive energy.  Those fields can disrupt the flow.  If you have to have a spring mattress choose one in which each metal coil is individually wrapped to cut down on this effect.  Sleep number beds and mattresses are a little better than spring.  At least with these you can determine the firmness that is most comfortable to you.  However they still retain an electrical aspect that should be avoided if possible. 

Of course there are other types of mattresses that should be discussed.  For example, waterbed mattresses are not considered to be a good Feng Shui mattress choice.  Since they are filled with water, the water element in these mattresses is considered to be too strong.  Like the spring and sleep number mattresses, water mattresses are also conductors of electricity. 

The most highly recommended type of Feng Shui mattress is the foam mattress.  Foam allows the most consistent airflow to the body during sleep and is considered to be the best choice for optimal energy flow.  One of the reasons foam mattresses are more pleasing to the Feng Shui practice is that unlike the spring or water mattresses, foam does not conduct electricity.  Electricity isn’t useful in getting a good night sleep and can interfere with the flow of positive energy and chi. 

Another Feng Shui benefit to using a foam mattress is that foam provides excellent support to the body and greatly aiding quality rest for the body and mind.  Foam mattresses also are designed to limit any disruption to your partner by minimizing the other person feeling your movements.  For the best Feng Shui mattress, foam is the absolute best option.

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