Interior Design

Interior Design and the many disciplines of Interior Design including Feng Shui

Interior Design Feng Shui

There are many facets of interior design and many disciplines that Interior Design may be applied to.  Feng Shui applies to all of the facets and disciplines.  Before Interior Design, Facilities Management and Green Design existed there was Feng Shui.  Understanding the principles of Feng Shui will improve your success in these other facets and disciplines.

The facets of Interior Design are simple, it is the integration of the facets that make for beautiful environments.

Whether you are doing a contemporary or traditional interior, it does not matter.  What is important is that the lines and shapes of the elements you include are in harmony.  Some of the most interesting interiors happen when you mix the styles.  Contemporary furniture can easily be mixed with traditional accessories and vise versa if the essence is in harmony.

When the Furniture, Seating and Accent Tables are each different and unique it adds an interesting dimension to your interior.  However, you must remember the key in selection is harmony.

Decorative home accessories such as wall decor, florals, mirrors, area rugs and accent pillows add another layer of charm and interest.  Silk flowers and plants are wonderful for those who do not have a green thumb.  Ask yourself, how many times you had to touch a plant to see if it was real.

One typically thinks of wall decor as art, however, there are many different items you can use  for the walls.  Think of them as a canvas and you are creating a painting.  The key again in selection and placement is balance and harmony.  You can use art, mirrors, plants on shelves, ironwork and even rugs.  Let your mind go wild and see what you can come up with.

Blinds & Shades add a functional element to your design where Draperies and Window Treatments add acoustic qualities, warmth and a pizzazz,  like eye candy.

Lighting is one of the most important parts of your design.  Lighting creates mood and atmosphere and can make a so so interior look fabulous!  There are many types of lighting to consider.  Think in terms of level and layers of lighting.  Ceiling fixtures give and overall lighting to a room.  Task lighting is necessary for specific levels of work and accent lighting adds a warm glow to a room.  Lamps can fall in the categories of general lighting and task lighting.

A few more elements that you want to consider for your interior environment are fountains and luxury bedding.  Fountains that can add a wonderful quality to your interior. There sound is very soothing and the water adds moisture to your environment.    Studies show that we spend almost 1/3 of our life in bed, so why not pamper yourself!  Luxury bedding is great for the body, mind and spirit.

Don’t miss the level of design.  It will put your interior environment over the top!

feng shui organization

One element of interior design that I must touch on is Organization.  One can have a beautiful interior to look at, but without organization it is just pretty.  The level of organization in your space adds to the quality of the environment you create.  a Beautiful room can be ruined when you open the closet and items start falling out.  You want your environment to beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. Organization is the key here!