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Powerforms Healing Circuits Practitioner Info

Triangulation of the Activator, Balancer, & Portal
To Help Us Create Optimal Wellness & Harmony for Self & Clients 
©2001 Powerforms  (This material may be re-printed if full credit is given)


The Powerforms Healing Circuits are arrangements of Powerforms disks placed upon the client¹s body to activate the innate intelligence of the body/mind/soul. This allows all holistic therapies to proceed with greater ease. This exciting method is now available for holistic practitioners to use to enhance their unique modality (& to enhance their own potential).

Practitioners who can utilize Powerforms healing circuits include:
Holistic health-care practitioners, chiropractors, acupuncturists, counselors, spiritual practitioners, body-workers, hypno-therapists, Reiki / energy workers, practitioners of ear coning, breath-work, tapping (EFT), reflexology, and aromatherapy, etc.


Basic materials needed:
- Three Powerforms disks, ie: 1 Activator -- 1 Balancer -- 1 Portal
- Or, any three Powerforms disks, in accord with each unique situation. 
- Or, for advanced usage, combinations of more than 3 Powerforms disks. Please start with the basic energy-circuits utilizing 3 disks to become more familiar with the technique and its many benefits.


Basic Concept: The person receiving the work is lying down, typically on the back, with three Powerforms disks placed on their body (the disks work effectively through clothes) on any three locations. The Powerforms interact with each other and with the human aura in synergistic harmony. Always follow the "living battery" principles for best results:


Follow these 2 "living-battery" principles for optimal balance:
1.) If two of the disks are on the back side of the body, the third must be on the front side of the body.
2.) If two disks are on the front, the third must be on the back.


The "living battery" arrangement creates a self-regulating effect, in which the body/mind/soul heals itself by discharging pent-up energy, un-winding chaotic patterns, and re-imprinting itself by accessing the true innate self.

The intelligent energy-fields of the Powerform disks in the healing-circuit resonate together to create one large super-conscious healing environment. This "weaves" the energy body of the client into deeper harmonious unity with their true potential.


Fortunately, the innate intelligence of the Powerforms disks allows just about any Powerforms combination to work -- its safe to experiment and discover what feels best for each situation. We can¹t "make a mistake." Just keep making adjustments in the placements of the disks, and experiment with the yin side and the yang side in various combinations.


Generally the energy blockages come to the surface like a slow bubble, or as an emerging wave of energy or awareness. This process is generally gradual, comfortable, and integrative. The Powerforms disks gently and spontaneously transmute the energy, and the energy flows easily through the body. These surfacings appear in waves. After a while, they subside and a deep calmness appears.

The deeper states of integration allow practitioners to work at a deeper level, with less surface "static." When clients have an easier connection between body, emotions, mind, and soul, practitioner and client can work together to reach deeper intuitive insights and discoveries that are characteristic of true healing.


Benefits for various healing modalities

Practitioners utilizing spoken words, such as counselors, hypno-therapists, meditation teachers, spiritual coaches, and past-life therapists can help clients attain oneness of body/mind/soul more quickly. In this state, the greater knowing of the soul permeates the mind, emotions, and body easily. The hidden potentials, the divinity within us all, becomes more available.

Practitioners healing long-held crystallized patterns, such as practitioners of bodywork, acupuncture, tapping, and chiropractic can attain results more quickly: The enhanced unity of the body/mind/soul can recognize the positive intention of the work, and align with the self¹s true blueprint more quickly and easily. This allows the work to resonate more deeply with the client¹s potential, bringing the work to evolutionary levels more quickly.

Practitioners of energy re-structuring, such as Reiki, aura/chakra balancing, spiritual healing, and shamanic soul recovery, can release the trapped energies more easily, because the trapped patterns surface quickly. A greater differentiation between the true self and the false patterns emerges, allowing the client to align with their spiritual potential more easily.

Practitioners of holistic body-balancing arts, such as aromatherapy, ear-coning, and crystal healing, can utilize Powerforms healing circuits to create a resonant body that synchronizes with the deeper potential available in the session. When blockages surface, they do so more smoothly and easily. When inner peace is accessed, it feels more real and deep.

Powerforms integrate effectively with crystals and other healing tools -- many practitioners utilize intuition, pendulum, &/or muscle-testing regarding combinations of healing tools.


Rejuvenating the practitioner

Powerforms healing-circuits may be utilized by practitioners for their own benefit: The healing circuits help practitioners prevent "aura burn-out" by rejuvenating their energy fields. Tensions dis-charge smoothly, and distorted patterns transmute into harmony. This creates greater coherence and smoother connections between the physical body and the subtle-bodies of emotion, mind, and soul.

The healing circuits help us release any patterns and energies we may have "collected" from clients, and bring us into deeper resonance with our soul¹s healing presence. We are able to cultivate greater authenticity and deeply sense our true center with clarity.
We access the pulse of the universe more easily, recover our purpose, and move forward with new energy, insights, and inspiration.


The art & practice of  

the Powerforms healing circuits

The Healing Circuit "ingredients" of 3 (or more) Powerforms, may be placed on the body with either the Yin side facing the body, or the Yang side facing the body.

Please follow the "living battery" triangulation principles:
~ either 2 Powerforms on the back of the body, and one on the front,
~ or two Powerforms on the front of the body, and one on the back.
(The Powerforms work through clothing, shoes, blankets, and pillows)


Of the 100¹s of possible healing circuits, here are some basic circuits explore:
In each of these examples, the client is lying on their back (although practitioners can freely explore other arrangements: lying face down, sitting, reclining, etc).:


Activator under sacrum -- Balancer under neck -- Portal over heart


Balancer under sacrum -- Activator under neck -- Portal over heart


Balancer under sacrum -- Portal under neck -- Activator over solar plexus


Portal under sacrum - Activator under neck -- Balancer over solar plexus


Chakra/ palm of hands triangultion:
-- Left palm placed on 1st Powerform
-- Right palm placed on 2nd Powerform
-- 3rd Powerform on a chakra
(note: The palms are excellent drainage points for pent-up energies. Yin side of Powerforms facing the palms helps energy release from chakras and meridians. Yang side of Powerforms facing palms helps recharge chakras and meridians.)


Feet/chakra triangulation:
Balancer under each foot -- Activator in palm of each hand -- Portal on a chakra
(note: The soles of the feet are excellent drainage points for pent up energy. Yin side of Powerforms facing the soles helps releasing. Yang side of Powerforms facing soles helps recharge.)
(note: For dynamic flow between hands and feet, explore yang side facing palms, with yin side facing feet, etc. There are many such combinations to explore.)


Chakra balancing with disk combinations:
(for chakra locations, see the many books listed in holistic/metaphysical catalogs) :

-- Powerform over front of chakra
-- Powerform under back (same chakra)
-- 3rd Powerform under sacrum
(alternate: 3rd & 4th Powerforms under soles of feet or palms of hands for drainage)


To move stuck energy out the front of a chakra:
Place one Powerform at the back opening of the chakra, with the yang side facing the body.
At the front of the chakra another Powerform with the yin side faces the body.
To move stuck energy out the back of a chakra, reverse the Powerform positions of yin and yang.


Yin and Yang flows

The yin side of each Powerform (see instruction booklet) has a softer, smoother quality. The yin side of each Powerform tends to smooth and disperse energy. It is useful to place the yin side facing the body when there is pent-up energy that needs to be dispersed, or for general harmonizing.

The yang side of each Powerform (see instruction booklet) has a more energizing expansive quality. The yang side of each Powerform tends to activate/accelerate energy. Typically, the yang side is used facing the body after the yin side has cleared and smoothed the troubled patterns. Then, the system is ready for the awakening properties of the yang side.

Rejuvenating directional healing flows:
Combine yin and yang together to help energy move through the subtle-body. For example, place one palm on the yin side, and the other palm on the yang side. After 1-2 minutes, reverse the Powerforms so the flow can go the other way. This method cleanses and re-balances the energy system quickly and easily. Repeat as needed.

Each of the yin/yang combinations has its own "energy flavor." We become more attuned to the healing circuits and their potential after having spent some time exploring the circuits for ourselves, and we learn to combine yin and yang intuitively.

Its safe to explore the many healing-circuit combinations with the Powerforms, because the Powerforms are gentle subtle-energy tools which are safe and integrated in any combination. Thus we can easily and confidently let the Powerforms bring us to a new level of energy mastery, whether we are beginners or advanced in our energy awareness.


When we discover how these yin and yang combinations can be placed in hundreds of ways on the body, we realize that this is a transformational art with many applications and methods yet to be accessed. There is much room for exploration, and a universe of potential to be attained. The Powerforms help us to help our clients more effectively. May we (and our clients) all experience balance, fulfillment, and attunement with the divine through our daily healing practice!


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