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Get some relationship help with feng shui.  No matter how long you’ve been in a relationship with someone, chances are good that you’re going to hit some speed bumps once in a while.

You’re not always going to click and you might have more troubles than you thought possible. After all, you were so perfect together in the beginning, weren’t you?

But things change.

In order to weather these rough patches, you need to utilize Feng Shui right now.

Is Your Relationship Under the Weather?

When your relationship is already having troubles, you want to make sure you are doing all that you can to change the energy.

The truth is that you probably already realize that your energy is off. In fact, you’ve probably been feeling this for a few months, but that doesn’t mean either of you have admitted it.

Whether you’ve been together for weeks or for months, here are some ways to balance yourself again:

  • Clean out your relationship clutter – You want to start off by making sure your relationship area (the far back right hand corner of your rooms) is clear of junk. If you’re storing piles of mess there, chances are good that your relationship is feeling pretty messy too.
  • Buy a plant to nurture – When you are feeling like your relationship might be stagnating or that your relationship is simply not clicking the way it used to, you might want to spend a little more time cultivating health and growth. Purchase a plant of your choosing to add to the relationship areas of your home. Then take care of that plant, focusing your energy into not only the plant, but also the way you see your relationship.
  • Get rid of singular images – If you’re filling your relationship space with things that come in ones, you’re not enhancing the energy of couples and partnerships. You want to remove anything that might be increase the ‘single’ mindset. Instead, try to have two pictures up, two candles, etc.
  • Remove anything that might be broken – If your relationship corner has a broken clock or radio in it, chances are good you are attracting the energy of things that are broken. And what good is that doing your relationship? Try instead to fix items that are broken or get rid of them entirely.
  • Remove reminders of bad times – If you like to hang onto mementos of your relationship, it might be time to weed through these items and remove anything that reminds you of a fight or of a struggle you’ve had. This way, you can hold onto only the positive things and remember those good times when you’re feeling overwhelmed by your troubles.
  • Open up a window in your bedroom – At least once a week, try opening up the windows in your bedroom to make sure you are bringing in new and clean energy. This will help to unstuck any energy that is problematic, while also helping you to move around new energy and air for breathing room in your problems.

As you begin to realize that you have to do some work in order to make your relationship better again, you will come up with more ways to alter your environment with Feng Shui – almost intuitively.

For example:

  • Remove bright colors from your bedroom – When there’s too much energy in your bedroom, it can wreak havoc on your relationship. Try toning things down with muted colors and patterns.
  • Become more gender neutral – You don’t want to have a bedroom that’s too feminine or too masculine. Try to strike a better balance in your room in order to create balance between the two of you. This is a great project to do together as you can work on communicating about what you like and what you need to make your room feel more like ‘yours.’
  • Buy new bed sheets – If you want to make a fresh start, it never hurts to bring in completely new energy. Try buying new bed sheets together to see how this changes the way you feel about the relationship. By buying them together, you will be performing a task as a team that works toward better days.

Your relationship is going to be a work in progress for its entire duration, but this doesn’t mean you have to simply wait out your troubles.

You can make changes right now to help your energy and your communication.

Maintaining Your Relationship

Once you’ve roughed the tough spots, you want to do things to keep your relationship going strong.

Maintaining a good relationship is easier than working on problems, so this part is easy. Here are some ways to keep the love and the romance alive and well.

  • Store up your good times – Create a photo album with pictures of you two doing fun things. This will help you encourage the addition of more and more happy days. Place this album in the relationship area of your home and review it at least once a week together.
  • Keep your bedroom clean – By taking the time each day to clean up your bedroom, you will continue to keep the energy ‘clean’ and calm. Just making the bed and picking up clutter from the floor will make a dramatic difference.
  • Keep your bedroom door open – Leaving the door open when you’re not in the room lets you always be circulating new possibilities and energy in your love life. When you want your relationship to last long term, this is an easy way to keep things moving.

A Subtle Shift Can Change Your Life

Change your space change your life.  If things in your life seem a bit personally restraining,  emotionally demanding or financially draining then a small shift in your environment can help to make the shift you need to get things moving in your life.

Every time there is a change in your environment it will cause you to adjust to that change.  Just like when someone close to you chooses to change by taking a new job, hobby or schedule it impacts you and you adjust.

It can be as simple as just re-arranging your art and or accessories or a bit more work in re-arranging your furniture or even painting a wall a different color.  Regardless of what changes you make you will shift the subtle energy in your life.

The bigger the change in your environment, the bigger the change in your life.  So you choose the amount of change you want by choosing the amount of change you make in your environment.

For more information about changing the subtle energy in your life check out the 20 Minute Feng Shui e-course.

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Are You Evolving or Revolving?

Are you Evoloving or Revoling?  Sometimes it just feels like you are going in circles.  Have you ever felt like your life is stuck in a revolving door and you can’t break free from the inertia of the spin? Going round and round and round, a different scene each time but the same outcome?

Many if not most people experience this same thing.

I am sure that you have heard the saying “how can you keep repeating the same behavior expecting different results” and can all grimace and know that most of use are guilty of this behavior somewhere in our lives.

Why?  Because we really don’t know how to change our behavior.  We have been responding, acting and reacting the same way for the most of our lives.  These patterns are so ingrained that we can’t seem to get out of the rut even though we know we want a different outcome.

Each new relationship ends with amazing similar results.  We hear the same criticisms over and over again and keep thinking it’s the other person fault when in fact it’s about us, our inability to take the action necessary to make the changes that can and will bring us overflowing happiness.

First, one must acknowledge and accept the repeating message.  This is 90% of the work involved in the change.  Denial of our liabilities is the wall that keeps us from living fully in abundance and joy.

Making the necessary changes is the next step but these life long patterns can be difficult to change.  This is where 20 Minute Feng Shui can help.  Creating the energy in your home for the changes that you desire will create the environment of change.  Living in this new energy will begin to influence and change you and your behavior.

We all know that your place in life is directly related to where and how you grew up.  Look at the outcome of the lives of those who grow up in Beverly Hills verses those who grow up in the Getto.

You can have a direct impact on where you life is going by taking control of your environment.  20 Minute Feng Shui can help you do this.

Life – a 24/7 HoneyMoon A Must See Video

The real question is How Conscious are You?  Bruce Lipton, PhD  says that the average person is only fully conscious 5% of the time.

If we are creating in each and every moment and are only fully conscious 5% of the time this explains why most people are living a less than prosperous, joy filled life.

You must see  what  Bruce Lipton’s has to say in this video below.

To really take charge of our lives we must become fully conscious or more conscious than we are now.  The more conscious we become the greater control we will have over what we are creating in our lives.


You can use this to get out of debt, find your soul mate or make more money.

Are you in Alignment with your Goals and Dreams?

You can feng shui the interior of your mind to help you get into alignment with your goals and dreams.  Let me show you how I do it!

I was talking with a frustrated friend today about why they are having such a difficult time achieving their goals and dreams. As is often the case it is much easier for someone else to see the forest when you are focusing on the trees.

What I mean by this is that when you identify something in your life that you don’t like the tendency is to focus on that thing that you want to remove. The problem with this is that what you focus on is what you create.

Here is an example of how to get into alignment with what you really want.

If you desperately are looking to get out of debt it seems like that is all that you can see, debt. Now, looking at the debt everyday or even several times a day just leaves you feeling depressed, besides looking at it every day does not change the debt.

Now this will take a little discipline but when you get it down you will be on your way to living the life you truly desire.

I suggest a mental filing system. When your issue comes to the fore front or even to the back of you mind, ask yourself…Self…is there anything I can do about this right now or even today? If the answer is yes do it and then set a calendar time for follow up. If not set a time on your calendar when you can do something about it. When it comes back to your mind, remind yourself that you are scheduled to think about it again only at the scheduled time and not before..

Now what is important is that when that scheduled time arrives you address this issue. If there is something you can do about it do if not re-schedule it.

Scheduling your worry time, limits the amount of time that you worry so that you are free to be happy and create from this place of happiness. Instead of spending most of our time in worry you will find that you are spending more in alignment with what you truly want in life. The more time you spend in alignment the faster you will arrive at living the life you desire.

Try it….it works!


Positive Thinking is Hog Wash Find Out Why

Everyone has heard that positive thinking is the way to creating anything you want in life and most people  think that it’s a bunch of hog wash.  Well, in one way they are absolutely correct because it takes more than just positive thinking!

It takes re-programming your subconscious or as I call it your hardrive.  Your entire life your subconscious has been programmed by your family, role modes, teachers and friends without your conscious approval. Click on the (…More..) link below

If the programs on your PC or Mac did not operate the way you wanted you would easily and quickly get a new program.  So why are you letting these old, outdated, self sabotaging programs ruin your life?

Watch the video below from this well respected biologist Bruce Lipton who explains how it all works


Feng Shui Beauty???

Can you really be a Feng Shui beauty?  Absolutely!  Feng Shui is all about energy.  So why not apply the same principles to how you look.  Think of yourself, your body and face as a canvas.  How will you decorate it?  Take into consideration the principles of balance, proportion, color and the flow of energy.  Some consider the 5 elements but I think that this is to esoteric to really apply to how you look.  You can find out more out these feng shui principles in my feng shui eCourse.  Check it out at :

Also, check out this video on Getting A Feng Shui Makeover:

Perception is the Key

This video will help you see that you can choose what and how you you perceive reality.  Watch it till the very end.  We can make a difference:

Don’t Just Survive but Thrive in the New Year

It’s the day after Christmas, the excitement is winding down and our mind begins to wonder. The New Year is just around the corner. 

This year went by so fast. The highlights of the year begin to flash in our minds. We have perceived failures and successes. Judgment begins to creep into our souls. We think about now where we have arrived and what the future will bring. 

The current economic times seem bleak for many. Those of us who know that we live in an abundant Universe know that the New Year will bring our hearts desires regardless of what happens in the stock market and what the political climate is.

You see in each an every moment you have the choice of what you perceive. You can perceive problems or you can see opportunity.

Through out history the greatest opportunity has been present at the moment of greatest difficulty. The greatest wealth every made was made during the depression.

Choose this new year to be your year of greatest opportunity.

If you read this and feel that it can’t be for you then it is time, time to make a change, time to begin creating the foundation for abundant prosperity and joy.

If you feel like you have tried to make changes and it just has not happened for you then Feng Shui may be just what you need to start shifting your energy.

That’s what Feng Shui does. It creates the energy for what you desire and that energy begins to work on shifting your energy and the energy in your life.

If you are looking to create a firm foundation for your present and future my 20 Minute Feng Shui e-course will walk you through each step to creating the energy for the life desire.

I am holding the Holiday Specials open for those of you who choose to made a difference in you life. Here is the link:


Feng Shui Money Improvement

Feng Shui Money Question:
My friend Victoria suggested that I place a red envelope with a dollar amount written on the front-under the lamp in the far left hand corner of my home-which is my bedroom. I did. She said that her maneuver almost doubled her income. Mine brought me clients who have not paid on time, and my oldest son letting me know that his first paycheck from his new job will not be coming soon enough to pay a few of his bills. What do you think of all that?
Feng Shui Answer:
The energy practice you mention with the red envelop and dollar works!  It did for your friend and I have seen it work for many more.  So why did it not work for you?  Well, it did work for you but it did not work as well. You increased your Finance/Money but with problems.  It’s not the energy practice that is the problem.  The problem has something to do with the feng shui of your property and home.  Here are three suggestions:
  1. This indicates to me that you have ailments on your property and in your home that are affecting your Fiance/Money .  First check to make sure that your property and home are whole ( see my Wholeness cures report).  This is most likely the problem.
  2. Your Money problems could also be that you homes chi is being drained.  With out doing a complete analysis it’s impossible to guess at what it might be.  The 20 Minute Feng Shui e-course can help you uncover all the chi ailments.
  3. Also, in addition I would write an affirmation for your relationship life station about how your clients respect and honor your services and happily pay in full and on time.
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